Monday, December 27, 2010

You Just Can't Beat It

Dear Walt Disney,

Why would you do this to us?

The Parents of Miss Liberty Jones

You're just going to have to ignore the runny nose in this picture
 A few months ago, I was talking to my friend Erin, and I think I said something like "it would be over my dead body that my Little would be a die hard Disney princess fan."
Four months later and I am the one that is feeding the princess beast!  She was so excited though, and  you just can't help but enjoy seeing her that happy about all things Disney princess.  Even if in your heart you want her to like all wooden, cool, hip, natural toys, you can't  help but  feel a little bit of joy when in her most excited voice ever says "oh Mommy, I know what this is...." 
Then dives right in and almost burst from the excitement.  It was one of the moments that makes parenthood so, so, so, so great.

Where do you think she learned that full mouth open face from?
 Can't you just here the giggling and squealing from where you are.

Here's hoping that something in your life makes you feel this excited!

Grace and Peace
For the record, I'm still pregnant and that's all I'm, going to say about that...

Friday, December 24, 2010

December 24th: Christmas Eve

The stockings were hung by the chimney with hopes that our little one soon would be here...

You know I had high hopes of holding my little baby in my arms on Christmas day this year.  My midwife has said several times that maybe we were meant to spend one more Christmas as a family of three...and maybe she's right.  If the Littlest was here tonight, I would never have been able to tuck my Little in tonight and collaboratively with my husband tell her the Christmas story using her Little People Nativity set.  Her set comes with a the stable, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, an angel, some animals, and the wise men.  We improvised shepherds with a Happy Town (the UK version of Little People) cowboy, Indian, and little ring bearer, we also added a Gus and Trouble.  I think that over all it was an effective use of bed time story time...I wish you could here the way she says "gold, frankincense, and myrrh" in her little 2 year old voice, or "knock, knock, knock, but there was no room at the inn.".
Tonight is the first Christmas Eve ever that I have not been in the house that I grew up in.  Most Christmas Eve's we are rushing to church with Mom and Dad, then curling up by their tree in the basement.  Since staying at home was a better option for us this year (you know...just in case) we spent a lovely evening with friends.

Tomorrow will be the first Christmas ever that I have not spent at that house drinking in time with family.  For a girl who normally doesn't deal well with change, I'm surprisingly okay with it, I know that we are right where we need to be.  However, I'm trying not to think about that girl and her family that are spending their first Christmas away from us in  CA.

Instead I'm just trying to remember that this year is different for a good reason (it has do with poor timing on the part of me and the mister...hehe). 

The really great part of this different kind of Christmas for us is, that it doesn't change why we celebrate.  Just b/c we are here at my haphazardly decorated house instead of at my Mom's that is always decorated just so, and just b/c we apart from the ones that we love, doesn't change the fact that Christmas will always be Christmas.  It will always be the day that Love was sent to the world in the form of a teeny, tiny, wrinkled skin, scrunched up leg newborn to save you, to save me...He alone is enough of reason to celebrate, even if it is in a different way than what we're used too.

Different or not, here's to you dear ones, I hope that you find yourself celebrating the birth of the Savior tomorrow...Merry Christmas.

That's a wrap.
I'm going to finish watching White Christmas and then go have my own visions of sugar plums.
I'll be back soon, hopefully with pictures of my own crinkled, wrinkled little new born.  Unless of course she waits another week or two, in which case I'll post pictures of my living room strewned with ripped wrapping paper and piles of new toys.
Sleep in heavenly peace friends.
Big Christmas love to you from our little corner of the world.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23rd

Dear Christmas,

I'm sorry I have neglected you this year.  My mind is on other things...One very little thing actually.  She is part of me now and will be forever bound to me b/c of these months we have shared.  As the mysterious day of her arrival approaches, I find myself increasingly focused on seeing her face, feeling her warmth, and touching every bit of her wrinkly newborn skin.

So, if I haven't enjoyed you like I normally do, I'll make up for it next year...unless of course I'm pregnant again, in which case I won't be aloud access to the internet b/c I will surely be a resident at the local nut house.
Big, Enormous, Pregnant Love,

Now that, that is off my chest, when I left the house this morning for my midwife appointment all seemed normal.  When I came home I found my pre-lit reindeer in a precarious position...Let's just say that we might have some baby reindeer in the near future....Who would do this?  We live on the quietest residential street in America.  The only time I've seen delinquent teenagers on it, is Halloween night.  So who would reposition my reindeer in such a way...Not sure, but I haven't put them right b/c I really want the mister to see them when he comes home from work.  I hope the neighbors won't think poorly of us.

Also, my new Moby wrap came in today...this is a picture of my old one, which I gave to a friend, mainly b/c she needed it, but also b/c I wanted to get a bright pink one, so that when my little one is tucked inside strange people in the grocery store won't ask me if my baby is a boy or girl.
Anyhow, they sent this hat to match that says size 6-12 months, but I find it hard to believe since it fit on my large headed 2 year old.  I think she wanted to sleep in it.  Speaking of sleeping, this little girl has been dreaming of sugar plums dancing in her head, in her new big girl room.  I've went back and forth about moving her before her little sister comes, but in the end she kind of did it on her own.  After a week of napping and sleeping successfully in the big girl bed, we moved the rest of her stuff over.  She's been in there about 3 weeks.,
So that is that, one more day to wrap this not so Christmassy countdown up...Christmas Eve really does deserve a Christmassy post, I'll start planning it now.

Here's to posting daily, if I didn't, I may never have told you about those crazy reindeer.
Merry Christmas Eve, Eve.
Grace and Peace

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22

Today was the cut off point.  If she didn't come today, which obviously she didn't b/c Kev didn't send you a text to let you know I was in labor, and also I'm typing this blog, she has to wait until after Christmas so we can be here with the Little on Christmas morning.  Obviously, we have complete control over this...
Anywho, I almost forgot that this was sitting in the driveway and I was plesantly surprised when I looked out the window and saw it this morning.  I went to Walmart and the Post Office just so I could drive it around (I didn't get out of the car at the Post Office).

I was also frantically trying to get our Christmas cards out before the post lady came...2 days to reach their destination, no problem...
While I'm talking about the Christmas cards, every year I design them myself, just b/c I like to do that sort of thing. Then every year I dislike the final product.  However, when I look back a year later, I do end up liking what I see.  Keeping with tradition, this year, I don't like that some of my lettering came out pixelated, so if you notice it when you get your card, don't judge me, I don't know what happen.  If you don't receive a card from me, then feel free to judge, I don't know how I missed you on my list.  If you live in England and you don't get one, it is b/c my husband told me not bother b/c they would be so incredibly late...I'm okay with sending late cards, mainly b/c I ordered plenty for Americans and English alike, but he feels  that late Christmas cards are not acceptable. 

Mid frantic card writing  I got distracted by my persnickety cat, who doesn't often visit this blog.  I thought I would photograph him sitting and thinking, so you could see him.  He's a good cat.  He looks tame enough, but don't let him fool you, he'll let you pet him for exactly 30 seconds before he just flips out, and bites your petting hand.  He's secretly viscous.

Then, I think that the Little got jealous that I was photographing someone other than her, so she carried her camping chair into her table and just started then I of course had to take her picture too.

Then I realized what my house looked like in the background and felt a bit embarrassed that I would be posting these and you all, all 4 of you, would see the ribbon, the sewing machine, the empty play dough containers, and whatever else is lying on the floor.
Then she posed herself right out of that chair.  She was smiling so big that it flipped that chair right over...Then I decided that I need more light b/c all my pics were just a bit blurry, so I opened the front and she and Gus literally ran away.  Gus went to the neighbors and the Little headed for the mail box, the place that I should have been going with all my finished cards.

 After I caught them both, I realized I needed to get back to work...I nuked my coffee, and got back to writing, labeling, stamping, and those cards out before the mail lady got here.

Here's hoping you get yours at least before the new year...unless of course you're an English relation, in which case, take up complaints with your long lost relative, who is busy typing away in the other room.

Grace and Peace

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21

Imagine these are pictures of me running through the snow, and imagine it in slow motion just to make it more dramatic. 
Then imagine my enormous belly bouncing up and down knocking me off balance, when I hit a patch of ice.  Now imagine me rolling through yard...
That didn't happen, I just got distracted at what it would be like if I tried running through the snow right now.
Anyhow, imagine me running through yard like the Little is here, to meet my husband when he pulled in the driveway with my Christmas gift this afternoon!
Item number 2 on my Christmas list is checked if he could just get the memo about the yellow plaid boots...
Just kidding, I'm so grateful for my gift, I don't need anything else, except for maybe my new little girl.
Life just got very convenient for the Jones's.
We are blessed beyond measure.

Here's to the bright red mini van sitting in my driveway, may we attend many soccer games in it!
And here's to being a two car family again.
And here's to the mister ridding his bike to work for 2 1/2 years.
And here's to not having to wake Libby up from her nap to pick him up.

Grace and Peace

Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20th

The Christmas Post Office Post.

To be honest I've been to the post office about 3 times in the last week or so.  I missed delivery of a package, so I got one of those little brown notes, that in college made for a great day, but now that the post office in my nemesis, just makes me feel tired.
The first time I went, the day I got the little brown notification, my package was still out on the road.  The next two times I went, the post office was closed, b/c the the post office in Ashland closes for an extra long two hour lunch.
Fast forward to today...I got up nice and early with a list of errands to do all before nap time and the post office was top on my list.  Not only did I still have to pick up my registered mail, but now I had an arm full of packages that needed to be shipped to California before I have this baby.
Today, I went armed.  I was not going to repeat last year, or the other day, when she ran wild while I held my place in line.  I strapped her in the stroller, waltz through the door only to fine the line almost out on the street.  I picked up 2 large flat rate shipping boxes, and one roll of packing tape, b/c if you read my blog you know that though I buy a roll every time I ship a package, I don't know where any of them are.  I found a little unoccupied space for my two boxes that needed to be put together, my bag of presents, and my stroller.  While I wrestled to unravel my arm from the now wasted piece of packing that was attached to me instead of my box, the Little had wiggled herself free from the stroller due to the poor buckling job I had done and was now standing up...jumping.  I gently whispered some kind of threatening instruction and got back to wrestling with the tape and boxes.
When I finished packing, I went to jump in line and wouldn't you know, it magically cleared, and I was able to walk right up to the counter....
I wish... the line was longer now. 
I precariously balanced the packed boxes and the tape on top of the stroller, which I had already dropped once.  After I dropped it a second time, a kind lady in front of us pointed out that Libby was loosing a boot....why do the shoes always fall off at the post office? 
I  got the boots back on,
almost our turn,
then Libs decides it's time to get out of the stroller again.
Okay, let me wrap this up....
I paid for my boxes managed not to drop them again, but dropped my registered package several times.
By the time the man handed me my receipt, the Little was screaming "hold the mama, hold the mama"
I looked at the line that now really was out the door, realized that they were all staring at us, curtsied and got the heck out of there.
I laughed when I got to the car....I really couldn't make this stuff up.  I really didn't, it happened just like that.
Three hours later I think I finally made it out of parking spot.

Here's to the post office, may I avoid it until next year.
Grace and Peace

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 19th

Long day...
I was planning on going into labor tonight but decided to wrap presents instead.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to going into labor and maybe I'll tell you about that picture of Libby's double chin..hehe.

Here's to warm beds, on cold nights, after long days.  Mine feels very good right now.

Grace and Peace

Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 18th

So, Mrs Jones is upstairs resting and, not wanting to disappoint her cyber-followers, has asked me (Mr Jones) to share a quick snap of Libby meeting Santa this year at the Big Fish (aka Bass Pro Shop). They went 2 days ago, but due to my apparent snoring in the chair (???) Carly was not able to scan and share the picture that day.
(That is a pretty serious Santa in my book....)

After a busy day today that consisted of looking at a house, a car and then tackling the Christmas shoppers in a mall that is busy on any given weekend so was obviously crazy this weekend, it resulted in Maggie doing some kind of gymnastics inside Carly the last hour or so and caused an unsurprising sick feeling and the desire to be horizontal for the expectant Mother. I can honestly say that while resting my hand on Carly's belly I got punched (or kicked) as hard as I have ever felt from a baby, born or not. Glad that Maggie seems to have plenty of strength, but hopefully she settles down so Carly can get some rest.
Well, I will take this chance to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and I hope that for your reading pleasure Carly is back in the editing seat tomorrow. She is far better with words than me! I like numbers.

Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17th

Tick, tick, tick....

That's how I feel about my time with Libs these days.  Like some how in the next couple of weeks she and I are going to lose something that we've had together these last two years.
Don't judge me too harshly, I know that we have only good things to gain with the arrival of her little sister.  The truth is I am eager to hold my new baby in my arms. I can't wait for those little legs to crunch up under her body against my chest, for those late night feedings when the whole house is quiet except for her and I, and the smell, I can't wait for the baby smell!  I know that all the pieces will fall into place once she arrives and we will barely remember what life was like before we had her...

 I love my Little.  I went back in the blog last night and read about day after day of her and I.  Some days filled with magical Mama and baby moments, some days hard, some days filled with Daddy, but all days since September 15, 2008 filled with a story about my Little girl.
We went on a last Mama and Libby horrah today and it was perfect.  No melt downs, not one Libby drop down.  We went to the movies for the first time together...We saw Tangled with our friends Heather and Katie.  Libby absolutely loved it!  She sat  mesmerized by everything from the dimming lights, to the popcorn, to giant screen.  When we got in the car to go pick up Kev, she said,
"that was fun mom."

She talked about it until she drifted off to sleep tonight...wearing her Tangled t-shirt which she was adamant about sleeping in...I let her wear it insead of her pj top.  It was a good day for her and I don't think that she wanted it to on my wedding day, when I crawled in bed next to my new husband, still wearing my dress and veil.
It was a good day.
A great day.
Here's to great days, may they come more often than not...may you dear reader, have one today.

Grace and Peace

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16th

The Santa post....
 Our play group had our "Breakfast With Santa" party yesterday. 
It wasn't quite as dramatic as last year, but she pretty much feels the same way about Santa.  She actually looks quite calm here, but she definitly burried her face in my shirt very similarly to last year. 

This one is a little more like it.  She was okay as long as she didn't have make eye contact.   I didn't force her in his lap this year either.  I figured there is a greater likely hood of her remembering the experience this year.  I think she'll have enough ammunition to tell a therapist one day when she's discussing reasons  why her mother is a nut case, with out adding she made me sit on an 18 year old Santa's lap!

We decorated Christmas cookies and licked the froasting off.
Well, I didn't do that, but the kids did.
Libs made a Christmas tree and a star.  One for her and one for Daddy.  I had to worn Daddy to only eat the star, b/c it had fewer lick marks. 

I actually really don't like this next picture of myself.
I'm flaring my nostrils involuntarily and it is rather unflattering.
I post it b/c I'm wondering  why does my Little not look so little in this picture?

She looks like she is ready for school or something and I don't like it.  
Speaking of things I don't like, where the heck are all of her red bows?  I just had them.
Where on earth did I put them away?
This is what nesting does to you, I start putting stuff away and it all just starts flying.
When I'm done the house looks great, but I have no idea where anything is.

When we left the party, we stopped in the Big Fish b/c I thought I could grab a couple of quick gifts...this didn't happen, but we did find Santa Clause there, with no other visitors!  She sauntered up slowly, and though she wouldn't sit on his lap, she did have a nice chat with him about his reindeer and how she wanted Maggie for Christmas.  This Santa had a real beard and real white hair, I almost believed he was real.  When we got back to the car, she said "he's a nice man, Santa gave me a candy cane."
If it wasn't freezing in our office, I would go in there and scan the free picture we got of us with him. It is super warm and cozy in this room, plus there is a snoring English man sitting in the chair by the Christmas tree, and I just can't bring myself to leave'll just have to wait to see that Santa picture for another day.
Here's to red bows, may I find them all before December is over.

Grace and peace.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15

I had a great post all worked up in my mind that involved a impromptu, magical trip to Santa's wonderland at the Big Fish, but have decided against it after seeing this picture. 
 I really can't add any thing else... except to tell you that I love my husband very much and this festive number was a fabulous departure from his regular neutral wardrobe.
Feliz Navidad
Here's to my husband, thank goodness he puts up with me.
PS  Look how our friends Aaron and Beth are making a sneaky appearance in this post! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14

It really did snow yesterday...see.

This was as close as I got to it until I absolutely had to.  When I did go out, I wore a scarf, a hat, gloves, and my ski coat.  After about 5 minutes of ridding in the car to birthing class I had a heat surge which made me car sick so I stripped down to just my scarf.  Then everyone looked at me like I was crazy, which if they read my blog, they would know was true.

Also, if they read my blog they would have had the pleasure of sitting in front of thier computer like this, for hours on end, with their tongue hanging out of their mouths.

 I was sure that my Elf Yourself video was going to generate an onslaught of comments that would send my blog into over drive.   Apparently, it was much more comical for the Little and I who spent the better part of yesterday morning trying out different genres of videos for our family.

It came down to the Carol Medley or The Country Christmas...and if you don't know which one we chose, you'll just have to go back to yesterday and watch it...or better yet, go to Office Max and make your own, it's a fabulous waste of time.

In other news, I wrapped some Christmas presents and put them all the way behind the tree.  Yesterday, when I was fixing dinner, I heard the Little squeal, like she often does, and say
"Oh Mommy, new book, look!"
She had squeazed her little body back behind  the tree and was having her own little Christmas present opening party.  I probably should have known better, but I am generally the one in charge of wrapping presents and putting them under the I'm just trying to be prepared should I be busy doing something else on Christmas day.  So, the presents are staying where they are and the Little is learning that every time she gets this close to the tree, that she Mommy have to have a little talk.

Speaking of the tree...and maybe I've mentioned this in previous years, but a little tradition we started for Libs and will do for Maggie as well, is buying them a Christmas ornament every year.  My parents did this for me also.  I love pulling out all my old ornaments, especially the ones that are really old!  Anyway, we've kicked it up a notch, thanks to an idea from my friend Erin and in each ornaments box there is a little note to Libby telling her all the things that were great in her life that year.  Her first year was a Baby's 1st Christmas rocking horse ornament, last year was a sparkly shoe, so we can remember it was the year that she learned to walk, and this is her ornament for this year...pretty fitting I think...

Oh, and  just b/c it makes me feel good to see her name printed out on a little bell, this is the favor from Maggie's shower...I just love it.  It's very simple,  but seeing my Littlest name makes me can't wait to see her face.

Here's to my Littlest, may she come out and meet us very soon.

Grace and Peace.

Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13th

It's snowing!
Please don't leave this blog today with out watching this video.
It might just bring a tear to your eye.

Grace and peace.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12th

I have a similar post to this one from two years ago when I had maternity pictures done with Libs...but I love these maternity pictures.  My friend Beth did a beautiful job.

I don't love them b/c I'm vain enough to love pictures of myself, b/c I actually think that I look like Bob the tomato from Veggie Tales with sticks coming out of the bottom (if you have talked with me lately I'm sure I've said this out loud). love them because of the moment they are capturing. I can look back at them and remember what it was like when I carried Maggie.  I can remember how I felt telling Libby about her.   I can remember how hard I was laughing b/c Beth was trying to capture sweet moments between Kev and I but we were actually driving each other nuts.
I love maternity pictures, when I give other pregnant girls advice I always say buy a Moby Wrap and get maternity pics done.  Growing your baby goes so fast and your baby years are for such a short time, I personally want to always remember how precious this time with her is to me.

Speaking of  pregnant people, my cousin Adam and his wife Becky were expecting their first baby Jackson, the day before Mags could potentially come...However, their little guy gave his parents a early Christmas gift and arrived this weekend.  He weighs just 5lbs.  He is spending some time in the NIC unit due to several complications that they are monitoring. I know that it must be awfully scary for his first time parents to here that their brand new baby has complications, so if you think of them tonight could you offer up a prayer on their behalf.
Here's to sweet baby Jackson, may he pack on the pounds like I am these days!

Grace and peace

Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11

Technically it is already December 12th, but Christmas shopping, Christmas baking, and Christmas parties put the blog on the back burner...
Happy Weekending
Grace and Peace

Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10

It's almost over.
He's on his way home.
He'll be here, till after the Littlest comes and then off again I suppose.
  You would think I could handle him being gone, or at least be used to it by now.  But, I absolutely fall apart, even after one day.  Example, he left early Monday morning; by Monday night I thought I was in labor.  Example #2 the dog loses all control of his bodily functions when he is away and I tend to want to put him out on the corner with a sign around his kneck that says, "free to a good home, but watch out I eat everything."  My life was basically a mess before I met him and now when he's not in it, I almost revert back to that mess...lost keys, lost mind, the whole crazy town shebang.
So, let me tell you what  I'm really thinking...I'm thinking that by Christmas I'm going to be checked into the nut house.  More than any other word today I said "don't."  "Don't touch that, or that, or that," "Gus, don't go the house!", "I don't want to talk right now, to you or anyone."
   I actually said out loud, "God, if you could just call me, I really need to talk, b/c I'm loosing it." Right at that moment my little girl looked up at me and said, "Mommy sad?  Daddy come home?"  then she stood up wrapped her arms around my neck and said, "but, Mommy I love you."  Then she took me by the hand and led me into the living room and said "c'mon Mom, let's watch Veg Tale's."

I was determined to not let her watch movies today, but this was at about 9am and I had already cleaned up after the dog and cleaned him (I won't expand on this except to tell you that the Little talked about his tummy ache all day) and changed a nearly explosive diaper, all before I ate breakfast.  So we watched Veggie Tales again...and that little moment right there friends, was my high point today.  Chubby, little arms wrapped around my neck being shown unconditional love.  Love, that after my actions today, was given undeservedly,  since I basically  did a swan dive off the cliff of insanity, by the time the sun went down. 
I just realized this,  after proof reading (yes, Mom I do actually proof read, despite my grammatical errors in every post), but I think that God did call.  I didn't hear the phone ring, but maybe he used that precious little girl to show me how he unconditionally loves me, even though today I know I told him, along with the rest of the people I hold most dear, that I did not want to talk.  I even think that in these moments of reflections he's showing me that he was with me in every step I matter how I alone I felt.
Here's to reflection, it might be 30 degrees outside, but I just let myself feel God's warmth and love for the first time all day.
"'You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13