Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh The Irony

Thorn in my flesh.
Every year that I have been an art teacher, I have run into the problem of people wanting to use me for my obvious creative genius...please note my extreme sarcasm right now.
For example this year my school's parent organization is hosting an auction selling Adirondack chairs hand painted by each one of our homerooms, this adds up to about 35 chairs. Wonderful idea, but who would you guess is in charge of organizing and executing the majority of this blessed voyage into the world of creativity...the art teacher, your's truly, Mrs. Jones!
I help people develop their chair plan, I help paint the chairs, I clean up from painting the chairs, I carry the chairs, I move the chairs, I am buried in chairs. In my classroom at this very moment there are 12 of the 35 said chairs. I am surrounded by chairs; and while I wonder if this is an appropriate item to covet your prayers for, I do, oh how I covet.
So if you ask yourself, "self why isn't she blogging like she used to", it is b/c for the last few weeks and the weeks coming the only topic that comes to mind is, painting chairs.