Saturday, October 30, 2010


I found this little gnome in my garden...

Happy Hauntings!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Confessions Of A Lazy HouseWife...Again

Confession #1
I had full intentions of blogging about our annual trip to the mountains, but I'll save that for another day so that I can tell you that I'm basically a criminal.   Due to too many Dr.'s appointments in one week, I ran out of change in the car to make it through the toll booths on my way there.  Fortunately, I realized this before leaving the other morning and grabbed the spare change on the shelf to take with me.    Come to find out, as I passed under the booth, after depositing my change in the bucket, only to hear the worst, most annoying sound ever, that I had paid with English money instead of American...who knew that Virginia tolls would only except American money.  I realized this when I went to pay for the second toll and I glanced down at my quarter and instead of seeing Gearge Washington's profile I saw the Queen starring back instead.
Then as if running one toll wasn't enough, last night while driving home from my parents, I ran another one.  You have to pay to cross  a bridge from Maryland to Virginia.  I affectionately call this bridge "the death bridge" due to the fact that it is very tall, and very narrow, and I hate crossing it.  However,  I cross it about once a month, so I know that I have to have $3 to get across.  This toll in particular has no bucket, you actually pay a person.  You can imagine my surprise when I pulled up to find no person, and no I just drove through since there was no one to pay...I seriously thought to myself, "maybe it's some kind of fall special, free weekends and holidays or something," and then I heard it again...the same ear splitting buzzer telling everyone with in 5 miles that someone had tried to rip the state of Virginia off by not helping pay for the maintenance of her highways.  The buzzer sounds something like this, know what I mean? 
Confession #2
I spent a significant amount of time really focusing on organizing my life this summer. You know, in preparation of having a second child, I wanted everything to have a home.  So I find it interesting that now that it is autumn and our baby is due in I don't know, 10 weeks, all that organizing is out the window.

Confession #3
None of the laundry is put away...story of my life.
Kev watched the Little almost all day Friday so I could spend the day getting blood work done and hang out with my girl friends later that night. His plan was to work from home.  He actually said the words "how do you get anything done"? which made me feel not so bad about this confession.

Confession #4
I really like things with sugar in them, I don't want to give it up, but I think I will have to if my Gestational Diabetes test comes back positive... and let me tell you this, if they tell me I'm going to have to make it through Thanksgiving and Christmas, as a pregnant woman, with out eating sweets, you better believe I'm going to be one grouchy mama.
I like sugar...end of story. 
While I'm being a little bit grouchy anyway, if you happen to want to leave me a encouraging comment about how cutting out sugar will be the best thing for me and my baby,  I got it.  Sense and logic I's sugar I want.  Patronize me and say you want sugar too!

Confession #5
I really do love Kev's bff Ben, but I wish he knew about the zoom that our camera possesses.  I might like these two pics a lot better if he had not stood two miles away to take them!

Confession #6
My mood could be better tonight... I admit it.  Kev is away for the week, and the prospect of not seeing him for a week has me feeling blue, and a bit cranky after re-reading this post.  Sorry 'bout that.

Here's to a happier post next is good to confess those things that our weighing us down though...I feel better already, I think I'll go run another toll while eating some Halloween candy!

Grace and Peace

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I actually can't remember what Saturday this was...I know that it was October, and I know that it was the only one that we were all home together, all day, in about two months. Sigh.

We've been doing losts of fun thing, but life is going really fast right now.  One day, far from now we might come across another Saturday that we can just spend time...doing really not that much.

One time, ONE TIME, this summer our neighbor bought the Little an ice cream from the ice cream truck that tinkers down our little lane.  This Saturday Libby heard the sweet song that trucks plays from blocks and blocks away and I guess remembered what that meant.   When we found her, she had climb the fence completely unassisted, to the top rail, so that she could wait for it to pass her way.
 I think she saying "ICE CREAM", or hey "check out my molars"

Here's to not that much.
Sometimes it is really good.
Grace and Peace

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Calender Is Full

"There's no time...there's never any time...I don't have time to study, I won't get into Stanford...I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm" -Jessica Spano Saved By the Bell
I hope I'm not the only one who remembers that episode.  That is our life right, so, busy.  I only have a minute before I have to must go take a shower, ick is me, but I wanted to post a couple pics from the pumpkin patch.
Libs loved this autumn ritual, she kept changing her mind about what pumpkin she wanted.  I strategically placed the smallest one I could find in her path, since I knew that I would be the one schlepping it back to the car. 
Happy Fall
Here's to autumn rituals, may we pass them down to generations to come.  Now I must get back to my list of things that I have to do before the Little wakes up...starting with a shower!
Grace and Peace

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Makes You Tick

A steamy hot mocha, drank by the sea side.  Two American mocha's purchased since I've been back and they just don't have the taste I'm looking.  My midwife claims it's the hormones, but I know different than her.  I know that Starbucks can't produce the same taste that Crooklets Beach does.  Nearly everyday, I found a reason to walk that way from Grandma house... down the road next to the marsh land, past the furniture shop and Uncle Trevor's old house, and strait to the welcoming arms of the beach cafe.
Caffeine or not...Crooklet's mocha makes me tick.

Speaking of ticks, the Little has an extra tick that makes her tock...I secretly have always known this, but her doctor confirmed it the other day.  It seems that her heart has a murmur.  I think it's murmuring  something like "here I come, hold on tight" or "try and stop me, try and stop me," and I'm okay with that. 

After a week of mulling it over, I'm thankful for her strong will.  God made her that way, and who am I to try and resist His handiwork.  He put me here to help steer her wild spirit in the right direction, and that's what I'll do.
As for the medical side of the murmur, it seems it nothing to worry about, just when she grows, she has an extra little bump-bump.
Speaking of bump...I have 12 weeks left with mine.  What?  How did this happen?  How could I be about to have another baby?  It's that whole time thing, it can't be stopped.  It just keeps going even when we're not ready for it.  For the record, I'm happy to report that I am right on target in terms of growing,  I was sure that I had gained an obscene amount of weight on vacation and that my belly would measure 40 instead of 28, but I'm right on target in both areas...(sigh of relief).
In other news, it safe to say our camera isn't ticking quite like it used to.  I took it to the park on Saturday and the lens just sort of fell apart.  I think most of the pictures I took are  just a little bit blurry. I think that maybe British Airways didn't treat it with same care and respect that we do...but then again I might just want to place the blame on someone else besides myself.
Oh well, here's to all of our little ticks. They make us indivduals.
Grace and Peace