Saturday, December 31, 2011


I don't generally make resolutions.  I find that they are broken a week or two after January 1st.  However, I thought that this year I would give it a go and have some resolve to enjoy the really precious things in my life.

 This year I will cuddle with my girls on the couch more
I will speak with gentleness to my family

I will take my Little on more Mommy and Libby dates

I will go to the park more.

I will rest more.

I will spend more time outside when the weather is nice 

I will listen closely to all of Libby's stories, b/c they are hilarious

I will think of ways to let our Dear One feel more special

I will treasure photos like this...
Oh wait I already do that.

I will be thankful for the father that my girls have

I will take more pictures of my Littlest

I will definitely go to Sweet Frog on Fridays...right after I get home from the gym.
Okay, maybe not every Friday.
No seriously, Fridays.

I will laugh more

I will  praise  freely...
Did you know that her name means freedom flower?  How very fitting for her.

I will throw out my to do list to spend a fun day with my family

I will dance in the living room when the opportunity presents itself

I will stop and watch them sleeping

I will find a way for him to go surfing at least twice

I will treasure time with friends

I will take the girls to the Library once a week whenever we are in town

I will stop doing the dishes long enough to enjoy watching them love each other

I will make a big deal about birthdays

I will love him better

I will enjoy autumn and not let it pass me by

I will continue educating Libby at home

I will finish Maggie's baby book

I will do another Christmas countdown

So long 2011.  Thanks for a year that was full of big changes.
Welcome 2012.  I can scarcely believe that you are here already.
Grace and Peace and Happy New Year

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Will Someone Please Press The Rewind Button

I read a blog post the other day that was called "The Christmas Hangover," and instantly my mind said "man, I wish I had thought of that first!"
  Every morning since Christmas morning, I have had thoughts like "I can't believe it's over," and "362 days until next Christmas," and "how could the entire month of December be past with out me watching Home Alone one time?"  I still have pictures that I haven't posted that would make a great Christmas countdown post.  I was saving them for a rainy day when I had nothing better to right about.
It has to be said that Christmas with kids is nothing short of fairy tail magic.  It is awesome.  Their eyes twinkle even more than the lights, and then there is ripping paper, and flying ribbon, and squealing, and "Oh, Mommy look it's a princess _____.

I loved our Christmas this year.  Minus the West coast faces that I would have loved to smother with kisses, it was nearly perfect.  We woke up Christmas Eve morning and had a Jones family Christmas at our house with Grandma and Uncle Trevor.  Libby was of course perfect at being a kid, b/c that is just how she is and Mags just wandered around playing with paper and ribbon and bows and paying no attention to her presents. Gus ripped opened his packages and promptly ate his new bone.  There were pictures, there were smiles, and I'm sure there were little tears shed by me b/c I love seeing my family that happy.

We drove to my parents house that evening and spent Christmas morning with them.  I love, love, love that my parents, particularly my Dad, love present giving so much.  With  my sister and her family away this Christmas, there were multiple stockings that were to be empty this year, but seeing that they had  extra guests they  filled them just the same with pressies for Grandma, Uncle Trev, and Gi-Gi mom.  It was so fun to all be together in one room.  I know it wont happen every year...but I'm trying to savor this years Christmas.  At least for tonight, I'm not quite ready to let it go.  Especially, these pictures of my girls in their Christmas frocks.

Grace and Peace and Christmas

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I have had several Facebook friends become first time parents over the last couple of weeks.  I always have this little magical moment when I feel so excited for them...even if it is someone I don't really know that well.   I think to myself, "you have no idea, but your life will never be the same."  In an instant you're holding this living, breathing, beautiful mystery.  In that instant you become this whole other person that is changed from the moment before all b/c of a baby.
Isn't it ironic, that Jesus came to us in that very same way.   In a instant, as his mother pulled him to her chest and she took a deep breath of relief, life as she new it was changed...and life for all of us was changed.  In that deep breath, in that first cry of life, grace was born.  My mind has been  dancing around that thought and the beauty of that moment all day.  I always wonder wonder if she knew.  Did she know how her life would change b/c of her baby...
The evenings after both my girls were born I had this crazy adrenaline that kicked in and I just stayed awake and stared at them.  I just couldn't take my eyes off of their tiny face, their little fingers, their fantastic crinkly newborn skin.  I was  in complete awe that  my life was forever ever changed by someone so small...and yet, my life was already changed by someone so small.
I pray that as you look forward to a new year you will embrace the tiny baby that change life for us all...I pray that you find yourself changed b/c of Him already.
Merry Christmas dear friends.
I hope that you have a lovely Christmas day, wrapped in the magic that only Christmas can bring!
Grace and Peace
That's a wrap.  A post a day since the first day of December...except for that one night.  I'll see you soon, with pictures of wide eyed girls in Christmas jammies.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fill 'Er Up

I love these 3.
Ask me about the present I made for Kev using this picture
Tomorrow is a Jones family Christmas. I can't wait to share Maggie's first Christmas with her. Not to mention seeing Libby's face when she opens up her gifts.   Kev's family has been with us this last week and we have had so much fun. Christmas day my girls will be filled to the hilt with grandparents. Surely, they will be spoiled rotten with hopefully just the right amount of gratitude mixed in.
I just finished watching "A Chipmunk Christmas," the brothers Jones our building the girls Christmas present in the kitchen to have it ready for them tomorrow, the Christmas tree is glowing in front of me and my dog is laying by my feet b/c he loves me.

I like tonight.
I hope your nestled all snug in your bed.
I'm going to watch visions of sugar plums dance in my head.

Grace and peace