Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name

I found a flower growing amongst our many weeds today....so I picked her and brought her inside with me.

I'm Sorry

Me: Yes Libby, you so have to take a nap,
Libby: Ma-ma
Libby: Ooooooooo
Me: Yes Libby, you do have to take a nap.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just The Norm

I have to say that when this red bow stops fitting, I am going to be really sad.
However, I do not think that she will ever be growing out of her blue eyes, they match her dad's perfectly.
Libby, what do you think about your blue eyes?
I like them, they look like Daddy's.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Through The Looking Glass

Libby was busy working in the kitchen today
When she noticed a little girl staring at her from the glass
She examined her closely and tried to get her to come and play,

But in the end, Gus and the stairs were much more intersting.
The End

I Hate Water Yes I Do, I Hate Water, How 'Bout You?

She might hate water because on her first trip into the ocean a big wave came and knocked her and her Daddy down; sending them into a death roll- like movement, right where the water meets the shore. Until, with great strength, from under the crashing waves, dear old Dad managed to stand up, holding the Little up over his head, as to not let her ingest any more sea water than she already had.
Can't you just hear the screams from my baby, not to mention the dirty looks from all the beach goers saying to themselves "what are those evil parents doing taking that baby in the sea on a day like this!"
Ah, just another day at the beach....
However, I must say that the trauma from the beach has curved her feelings for the water park and she was quite happy playing in the shallows yesterday!

In this picture I want you to look at her hand, she has a death grip on my back fat and was only looking up for a second. She spent most of her time in the water burying her face in my chest, which I was fine with, b/c it muffled the screams.

Look at the sass on her face...she is saying "if you don't get me out of here, I'm going to run away!"

And this my friends is the view that I am assuming her and Mr. Jones saw before they took their first dive together!
Kev actually did take this picture using his new birthday present. Pretty cool and very fun to play with!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mr. Jones and Me

3 major events(birthday, anniversary, Father's Day) have come and gone this month with out me taking a brief moment to just, well, gush.
Have I ever told you how wonderful he is and not because he doesn't like video games or sitting on the couch watching hours of sporting events?
I love his heart (sigh)
It is kind, it is true, and he gave it to me 4 years ago.
4 years ago, also marks when he gave his life over to Jesus and asked Him to teach him to lead our family. He reminds me of the plants in garden, still growing, but very strong...not beaten down by storms or dried up by the hot sun.
He has led me these years quite seamlessly, though I often (almost always) neglect to tell him that. This year he has stepped into his roll as father with confidence and strength and a little bit of sweetness that I think must come from having been inundated with little girl things. I can see that out Little will have a hero and provider in him until God sends her someone who will have to fill his shoes. A task that I am sure will be nearly impossible for some young man to do.
Gushing over.
It's just, I love him..find it hard to breath with out him!
Oh wait! One other reason he's wonderful, just now, on his way up to bed, he said "cleaned up Libby's toys for you, see you up there." Cleaning up for this girl is almost as good as a present and I love presents!
He beckoned me to come up soon, so I will not gush anymore but head up to bed instead!
Sleep tight, don't let the bed bug bite.

Really, she likes this game?
See? Better.
Better still. Landed, safely in Daddy's arms.

He has my heart.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please Come Back

If you have stopped reading my blog b/c it's been ever so boring lately, please keep scrolling today, there is much to see and read! I promise to be charming, witty, insightful, and as always, overly boastful about my Little from here on out! Unless of course, you find my boasting, insight, wit, and charm annoying, in which case I just promise to post updated pictures of my Little more regularly.
Grace and Peace, CJ

Say It Again

We love her...
can't get enough of her.
And at the end of the day,
when we are knock- down, drug -out tired,
We would gladly spend more time loving her.She is a thief.
Look closely, you can see that she's stolen our hearts...as I've mentioned here, here, and here.

A Whole Lot Of Libby

When did each passing month become so significant to me?
They used to just pass by, but now they are like a ticking clock, and with each tick it reminds me that my baby is growing much faster than my garden. Hmmm.
Wowzers 9 months!
So she stands now.
and picks up rocks.
She's also cuter than she was at 8 months.
And just so you know we can cross crawling off the "to do" list. I might actually hide the "to do" list from her b/c closely behind crawling is walking, and seeing the mess that crawling has created, I am prepared to forgo walking for quite some time.
She's all smiles. We like that about her.

Stuck In A Rut

Last week's blog world drama left me wondering if I even wanted to continue blogging. After some nudging from my sweetie, on not letting my faithful 5 readers down, I am getting out of that rut I was stuck in...
And my Little, fortunately is no longer stuck in this box.
This photo was not staged in order to make my blog more interesting. This was her own doing, not mine. Ask Jessishe was there.

Calling All Mom's Who Stalk My Bog

And anyone else who would like to add their 2 cents.
I am soliciting your valued advice.
The picture above is an illustration of what bedtime/nap time used to be like in our house.
Calm. Peaceful. Beautiful. You pick the adjective.
Well, sometime between play groups, anniversary, and the Strawberry Faire, those adjectives are out the window, and our sleepy time (which can I just be honest, is my quiet time, blog time, laundry time, grocery list time, whatever you want to call it) is more like this
I case you're wondering the Little is Mayweather and I am De La Hoya getting knocked out.
So, Mommies, Daddies, people with knowledge on getting your baby to not sit up, stand up, or scream during sleepy time...share your secrets with me so we can get back to this...
Don't let her fool you, she packs a mean punch, especially when she misses her nap time!

Friday, June 12, 2009

In A Blink

Our main computer is broken.
That is where I store, edit, and post pictures.
So this post will not contain pictures that are new. Sorry about that. However, this laptop has some interesting old pictures stored on it so maybe I can give you some eye candy!
Here is what has been happening lately.
I have sold a lot of beads.
I have painted some furniture, but have not sold any.
I had a play group at my house, it was fun.
I jazzed up a little patriotic outfit for my Liberty.
She makes me laugh every day, so does her Dad.
I love him.
I married him 4 years ago on June 10th.
Somehow that date past with out me posting about it.
Seems like this week just flew by, and somehow I missed it.
Seems like, after being a bit of a lazy blogger, I could have made this post a little more compelling.
Hmmm, next week's goal, lots more interesting posts, with loads of new pictures of the Little.
For your viewing pleasure a hodge-podege of pictures that have been forgotten about on this here laptop.

I don't know what was happening here, but I wouls say that it definitely no good!

This is a picture of a picture of Laura and I
Here's the mister and I at one of favorite Florida treats

Here are some surf boards from Kev's trip to Mexico
and here is sleeping beauty, several months ago..obviously she is wearing here Christmas tu-tu

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Have Computer Addiction

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.
No need to worry I'm already past the first step.
I have been limiting my time on the computer b/c I was letting it take time away from my family. Sorry family. :(
However, I did want to mention that I took the Little to the water park again and this time she smiled and I got a nice tan.