Friday, October 30, 2009

This Post Brought To You By The Color Orange

Almost Angelic

I took these over-exposed pictures the other day and thought to myself...look at my sweet angelic girl.
Today I went to Target too close to nap time and was reminded that my little angel is sadly fallen like the rest of us. As I carried her football style under my arm, she screamed loudly until her face resembled a cherry tomato on its way to bursting. I graciously received pity looks from all the passers by. Several other mothers were kind enough to stop us to let me know me that we were missing one shoe and one sock, in which I replied, "she kick them off back on isle 12, right before she threw her body on to the cold tile floor in a fit of rage. Thanks anyway, sock and shoe are both in my purse, but I'm sure if you go back to isle twelve you can see the dent in the floor we left behind"

And So Do Little Girls

There is a lot of information out there about little boys needing a dog, but I really feel like they should not leave out little girls in this matter. I never had a dog growing up and feel like I missed out on a good friend...Look at this little girl and her buddy. They share a bit too much, but are always there for one another.
She is his sheep, and her life, our life (despite my some what unenthusiastic attitude about this when he steals food off the counter) would be dull with out him

Sunday, October 25, 2009

There Are Some Things You Can't Plan

Seeing my friend Erin's adorable pictures of little Hope at the pumpkin patch last week made me desire like pictures of my own Little frolicking in fields of orange. Since we were planning a trip to the pumpkin patch last week, I high tailed it over to our local Gymboree with coupon in hand to get an orange and brown outfit, to match the pumpkins of course, and to make our pictures perfect. Upon arrival I sensed it was going to be an "off" smiles to be had, too much sun, a lingering cold and sweater tights and corduroy on a day that really called for shorts and a t-shirt...oh well. We'll mark that off our to do list for the year...
Pumpkin patch in fall clothes...check
I admit that this resembles a smile, but truth be told she was crying moments later
Here she is running away. Trying to hitch a ride home no doubt.

However, a day later after suitable rest and a healthy dose of Tylenol we stumbled onto some good lighting and a package from England and I managed to get these pictures

She was so happy, Grandma sent her a spooky book and chocolate buttons,

life couldn't be better really
If you are a faithful reader of my blog, please cross reference this picture with the previous post)
she grinned a lot
and I grinned because she grinned

As if the day wasn't great enough, she broke into the pantry and dumped out the new box of Aunt Annie's Bunny Friends
She couldn't shove them in fast enough, life was good on this Thursday in particular.

There are some things like sour moods, packages in the mail, and spilled bunnies that you just can't plan for...
I like that, it keeps life interesting.

Friday, October 23, 2009

And While We're Reminiscing

I can't help but remember how things were, and how somethings still are
She's the same girl, just taller and a bit more hair.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Deja Vu

If you have spare time, go back here and you will find that all this has been done before.

Warning: This Post Contains Big Hair

While we were in the mother land I tried to plug my hair straightener in with out the correct converter and it bit the dust. I know all you faithful readers want to here about my cute Little (specifically Cousin Jill and no doubt Grandma) but all I can think about is how big my hair is getting with out it. I'm pretty sure that is a intentional display of my vanity, but there you go, I sometimes am vain.
Last week was basic to be quite honest and although we did attend our first MOPS meeting nothing else monumental happened. Unless of course you count getting a cold from our first MOPS meeting. I spent most of the week just trying to catcht up with something. I suppose it was life I was trying to catch, but it seems we are always chasing life here at our house and rarely, if ever, catch up with it.
So instead of running after the impossible and ever looming responsibilities we abandoned them and took an impromptu trip to the mountains. It just so happened that the mountains we escaped to were the very ones my sister and her little family live in, and as if our escape wasn't already exciting enough, Babette and G-Daddy were there also.
It was cold and rainy all weekend, but that didn't stop us from taking in autumn and all it has to offer us.
Stunning....just stunning.

Edit: Nothing exciting happened except getting her head stuck in a bib...why would I help her when I could take a picture of her gettin frustrated

In your spare time google "Bridge Day" and you will find out that crazy people hurl themselves off this 900 ft high bridge. Kevo and Matt went to watch, and if you know my husband you know he has hopes of taking part in the hurling next year! JK, but he does want US to repel off it! Seriously?

This is the is astonishingly high

Kev and Libs checking out the big, tall, crazy bridge

Dear fall, we love when you come around.
Here is my sister...just in case you couldn't tell

and here are our babies...mine looks like a Fraggle

Here they are again looking very much like dessert to me...scrumptious.

It is beautiful where my sister lives, it seems very untouched by most of the world. Even though it was a quick trip, the fresh air and red leaves served us well. We can't wait to go back.
So on that note, where ever you find yourself today, put on a sweater and have a pumpkin spice latte and escape life if only for the 20 minutes it takes to finish your latte, which taste like autumn in a cup.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Front Porch

Remember this girl that slept so sweet amongst the pumpkins and the mums,How did this happen?

wipe tear and try not to blink.


Just like that, summer is gone and we are slowly fading into fall. The tops of the trees are turning red and gold, the garden is done blooming and the morning chill has forced Mr. Jones to break out the full length spandex for his ride to work (lucky for me! :)As much as it pains me to post something other than England pictures, we are finally back into life here. We have been enjoying days filled with blues skies and trips to the dog park with Gus. We've bought pumpkins for the porch and stood in awe of pumpkins at the fair. We went to the doctors, got shot, but managed after a 31/2 hour nap to get over it...

Here is the Little with her the pumpkin she pickedShe loves it and plays with it every time we go outside

Love that face, love that girl really
Daddy and Libby at the fair sharing an apple dumpling...not as good as yours Babs, but it will fill the void until Thanksgiving

Me and Libs...I wish she were out of her chair, but taking her out and putting in has recently become quite the ordeal....
Libby and a GIGANTIC pumpkin

Libby and a GIGANTIC watermelon

A GIGANTIC Pumpkin...the one next to it was over 1000! I love state fairs!
This is to prove that she made it through the shots
See, she is just fine, and despite the woman at the grocery store that refereed to her as husky boy, she is average size for a little girl in the first year of her life. Seriously, she was wearing pink, and look at her face. I think she's pretty, but then again, I am her mom.
Crazy grocery lady.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

If I Were A Grandma

If I were a Grandma,
We would always have fun.We would spend all our time
Playing games in the sun.
We would never be sad
'Cause we'd know in our hearts
That Grandma can fix
Any problem with tarts
And even if you,
Should happen to be,The slightest bit cross
That'd be okay with me'Cause I'd be the Grandma
Come push, or come shove
And Grandma's main job
Is to show little ones love
So don't ever worry
And remember just thisThat your Grandma loves you
Here's a hug and a kiss!

Thanks for a great holiday.
We miss you so much!