Thursday, October 1, 2009

If I Were A Grandma

If I were a Grandma,
We would always have fun.We would spend all our time
Playing games in the sun.
We would never be sad
'Cause we'd know in our hearts
That Grandma can fix
Any problem with tarts
And even if you,
Should happen to be,The slightest bit cross
That'd be okay with me'Cause I'd be the Grandma
Come push, or come shove
And Grandma's main job
Is to show little ones love
So don't ever worry
And remember just thisThat your Grandma loves you
Here's a hug and a kiss!

Thanks for a great holiday.
We miss you so much!


The Herrenbrucks said...

that is so precious! what a great time it looks as though you had with Kev's mom!

Beth K said...

What special memories! We're glad to have you home, but I'm guessing Grandma misses her cuddles with the little!

Lisa Albero said...

Love this Carly! I am so excited for you to come next month! Yay! I love Libby's dress in the last picture.

Jill said...

The picture where Grandma is blowing the bubbles makes me laugh. Libby looks like they're trying to attack her like Gussell does. LOVE THIS POST!

Laura said...

precious post.