Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Winter was long and cold this year even for our part of the world.  Sprinkled throughout the cold we would have the odd mild day.  They would leave me hungry for spring.  These pictures were so long along ago I can't remember if they were January of February, but I remember that I could not stop laughing at Cooper's hair!

 Neither could Mags....Look at that sneaky giggle!

For The Books

 I'm pretty sure that this is a moment that I'll want to hold on to forever.  I know this because I followed them with my camera and took about 50 shots of boy on Father's shoulders until I got just the right moments to remember.

 Mission accomplished.

My People

The Birthday That Doesn't End

Babs and Grandad couldn't come down for Magzie's birthday so a couple of weeks later they met us at The Great Wolf Lodge.  We had such a blast and the kids are convinced that we went to Disney World.
Libby still wears the wolf ears.  The weekend that we were there they were an extension of her head!  Please forgive the sassy posing, I really don't know where she gets that from.

 This is their "this place is awesome and can we move here face."

 Kev was the coolest at TGWL.  He's a big kid at heart.

It is a huge blessing to see my Dad looking so healthy this year.  I feel like I need to post every picture I have of him looking so great!  Looking good Daddy-o!
Cooper is loved the water park too, the evidence is him sleeping through sitting on couch with these wild girls!
Grace and Peace

A Birthday Party

I couldn't not throw her a party.  If you go to the Making Art Again archives circa 2012 you'll see another four year old birthday party that was ridiculously over the top.  I couldn't do that where we live now, but I could hang some snowflakes from the room and call it an Elsa party!  We had cupcakes and hot chocolate with friends and we all sang "Let it Go" at her request.  She thought it was perfect.

 I love this picture.  She was overcome with joy when her friends sang Happy Birthday to her and her eyes filled up with tears.  She hugged me so tight until the song ended.  Bless her.

Dancing and singing with friends!  Little people are so fun.
 Grace and Peace

When You're Four

 Despite all my best efforts to keep my children little, they keeping growing.  Stretching every season into  amazing little human beings.  The sweetest little girl in all the world had another birthday this winter.  She loved having a day  just to celebrate her life.
 We had decided to send Mags to preschool this year and at the very last moment I chickened out and kept her at home with me.  I'm so happy that I did.  We spend every morning together talking, playing, shopping.  Most of the time I am forced to play the roll of Anna and I have to call her Elsa at all times.  If I break character even to give instructions, like "Maggie put on your shoes," I am quickly reprimanded.
My Littlest girl is a mysterious creature.  Sometimes I think she holds a special secret all to herself that she's not telling me.  She is caring and kind.  She forgives easily.  She is stubborn sometimes.  She is four.
In my head she is the age and size she was when we moved here.  Some days it catches me off guard an I wonder who the little girl in front of me is because I'm sure there was just a red-headed baby standing there.
I catch myself the night before their birthdays starring at them while they sleep, hoping somehow I can keep them little if I watch them.  It never works.  She keeps growing and loving every minute of it!
So happy birthday to my gorgeous girl, may you ever be the sweetest girl I've known!
Sadly, this post is months and months late...but it doesn't change the fact that I want to remember her birthday:)
Grace and Peace