Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Birthday Party

I couldn't not throw her a party.  If you go to the Making Art Again archives circa 2012 you'll see another four year old birthday party that was ridiculously over the top.  I couldn't do that where we live now, but I could hang some snowflakes from the room and call it an Elsa party!  We had cupcakes and hot chocolate with friends and we all sang "Let it Go" at her request.  She thought it was perfect.

 I love this picture.  She was overcome with joy when her friends sang Happy Birthday to her and her eyes filled up with tears.  She hugged me so tight until the song ended.  Bless her.

Dancing and singing with friends!  Little people are so fun.
 Grace and Peace

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Art Teacher's Mother said...

It was perfect for Maggie, I'm sure. She's such a little doll and with a very tender heart. Wish I could have been there for the singing and dancing. :)