Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Don't What To Call This Post Except That This Is Fun At Work

The little girls are keeping me doubly busy lately.  Busy includes but is not limited to:
1. Unrolling the toilet paper in all 3 bathrooms
2. Cutting a hole in a pair tights
3.  Drawing on the kitchen table
4.  Helping Mommy in her recent endeavors to create more art or mess, whatever you want to call it
I read a review of this art book on Vincent Van Vogh that said that it sparked their toddler's interest in art...After I got it I was skeptical b/c it was quite wordy and I was afraid that Libby would get bored with it.  Quite the contrary happened though, Libby loved it.  We spent last week doing projects that reminded us of good ole Vinnie.
 We focused mostly on Starry Night.  After we read the book, we talked about what colors he used in Starry Night and how he painted with mostly swirly lines. Then we practiced making swirls with pipe cleaners...Maggie played with these too.
 Then we made a Starry Night Jar.   Just a jar filled with water, glitter glue, and some extra glitter.  We used blue and green to remind us of Vinnie's painting.  This past week when she needed a few minutes of quiet time, to "find her self control," I sent her to the step with the jar and her book and it works out pretty good.  Sort of.
 The next day we practiced making Starry Night swirls with shaving cream mixed with washable blue glitter paint.  Shaving cream is a great thing to have with little people.  They love to play in it, it cleans up easily, and it makes your house smell good.  You just have to stay close by so no one tries to eat it or put in their eyes.
The really great part about doing these activities with both girls, is that while we are working Libs and I have constant dialogue, but I think Little Mags hangs on every word b/c she follows along with us so well!  I am surprised by her every time!

The last day was my favorite Vincent Van Gogh day.  I had been working on some art projects last week that required me to filter through some of my old art supplies.  In doing so I found my old water color palette and a piece of expensive water color paper that I had been saving since college I guess.  Not really sure what I was saving it for?
Anyhow, Libs and I cut out some star shapes and then traced around them with some curly lines.  Then I let her and Maggie have it!  They had so much fun dipping their brushed in the water and experimenting with different color combinations.
I have done water colors with Libby before, just the Crayola buy at Walmart type variety, basically they always end up in a brown puddle on her page.
This was so different though.  I think b/c they knew that they were using Mommy's good stuff, and I made a really big deal about it, both girls took it seriously and work diligently on their pictures.
I know, it sounds crazy that I'm saying this about my 1 year old, but look at her go!  I promise that these pictures we not staged.
There was one incident when Mags climb on the table and knocked our water over, but this was easily fixed with some paper towels and  by switching to a shallow bowl of water instead of tall cup.  I probably should have thought of that first.

I loved this activity. While Maggie is showing some real promise at having a bit of artistic capability, I have never been able to interest Libby much, from the first time I handed her a crayon, her reaction has generally been "Ehhhh." Something about learning about the artist and seeing the art that he made, plus using Mommy's super cool art supplies got her creative juices flowing and she was totally into this:)  This last picture was taken after I cleaned up Maggie and told Libby we were done.  She told me that she wasn't finished and needed more time!

This made me happy. 
More time granted.
Here's to creativity.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012


 Yesterday, we went to the park with no coats, no thick sweater tights, and short sleeve shirts.  We squinted our eyes at the bright sun while the balmy breeze kissed our faces.  We watch as our little park that is normally reserved for just us was flocked by dozens of fellow Virginians ready to abandon winter and welcome spring with all it's fresh buds and chirping birds.

 Just four days earlier we enjoyed an un-intimidating snow that covered our little corner with just enough of the white stuff to warrant a proper romping.  We got just cold enough to come inside and drink  hot chocolate.  It was just enough winter to satisfy  my winter cravings and prepare me for spring.
This is our little snowman that we made.  Libby  named him Snowman.  We watch him out of kitchen window all day.

 By the next morning all that was left was a puddle, and a hat, and a scarf, and a carrot, and two black eyes.

VA is a weird place.  It was winter on Monday, spring on Friday, and somewhere in between today.
I'm hoping that spring is going to push through and stay for a while.  I'm ready to see green on the trees and shoes that don't require thick socks.
Grace and Peace

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

By Candle Light

Valentine's Day may be becoming my favorite holiday.  There is less pressure than Christmas, I really like red and pink together, and a day reserved to love people makes me happy.  Plus, I have about 6 different sizes of heart shaped cookie cutters since Maggie's birthday party which makes Valentine's meal time a creative love fest.

 It was fun such a perfect day, sandwiched between some wickedly hard days so I am reflecting back on it in great fondness.  Especially this one thing, and  although I have no photographic record of it, I must tell you that  on Valentine's day when Libby finally woke up from her nap, Maggie ran to her and threw her arms around her waist then looked up at her big sister, waved her perfectly mastered royal wave and  said "hi." She was so happy to see her big sister.  I cried, of course.  Kev smiled at the girls and laughed at me.  Then we dimmed the lights and lit candles in mason jars for the most perfect Valentines dinner I have ever had.


You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.~Pride and Prejudice


Monday, February 20, 2012

Blueberries For Sal

Last week, or 2 weeks ago, or sometime ago I meant to blog about this. Have you ever read the book "Blueberries for Sal"? It is a delightful story about little Sal and her Mom picking blueberries and crossing paths with a mama bear and her little cub. My Mom gave Maggie a copy at her party and both girls have wanted to read it over and over again. In coincided perfectly with Libby learning her letter "B" so we read it all week and did activities to match.
B is for bear
To get them excited about the story I found a mama and little bear for them to play with, some stumps, and a pail with  pretend blueberries in it

Maggie's B is for bear paper

Libby and I used the pail to count out blueberries, but Maggie LOVED putting them into the pail then dumping them out and staring again

In the story Sal and her mom were picking blueberries to can for the winter, so we bought some blueberries and canned them ourselves!

   Canning, eating whatever you want   to call it          
Finished product
Enjoying product
Love watching my girls enjoy learning.  I also really love finding ways that help them learn.  They have amazing little minds that soak stuff up like sponges.

Grace and Peace

Sunday, February 19, 2012

From The Mouths Of Babes

 "Mommy I don't want to think about my discipline, I just want to think about the circus"
Don't we all my love, don't we all.

Having a discussion about having another baby one day Libby responded,
"no Mommy we have to keep Maggie a little longer" Then she pointed at Maggie and said "see that one right there, that baby." Then quite sternly with her bottom lip out said "I don't want another baby, I want to keep my Maggie."

I'm so happy that she loves her so.  With Libby's dynamic personality, it really could have gone either way.

"Grandad, the snow comes down and tickles my belly and it tickles my eyes"

We sneaked outside with just a trickle of light left to enjoy the only significant snow we have had all winter.  It was cold, and wet, and lovely.
As surely as she can frustrate me to my very core, she makes me smile moments later when she declares that the circus is what she wants to think about.
I must write these things down.
I don't want to forget them.
I want her to know what a fantastic view of the world she had when she was three.

Grace and Peace

Monday, February 13, 2012


Sad sister.

Very sad sister.

 In distress sister.
  What's wrong sister?
Don't you know we're at the play ground.

C'mon, get up!

I know what to do to make you smile

Smilling Littlest

Proud Little
Happy sisters all around
The End
Grace and Peace
PS  What is it about this fleece pull over that make my little one's cry?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Go To Sleep. Please.

I am not supposed to be blogging right now.  I am supposed to be working on something else.  I'd rather write this down though.

My Little and Littlest are napping right now.  One is napping.  One has had to be escorted back to her room around 4 times. I think.  I'm a tolerant woman, but raising children will test your patience to the brink.  The first time "oh Mommy I forgot to go" (you know what she forgot to do...the proof was in the potty).  Second time, I heard the distinct sound of her closet door and found her changing her clothes, again.  The third time, she was playing something with my old porceline doll that she took the prarie dress off of and now calls a supper hero.  The fourth time, I don't know what she was doing but I used a tone tha was less than nice and may have caused some children, like my tender hearted Littlest to cry.
Not my Little.
 I huffed out of her room in furry hopeful that the thought of Mommy upest at her would scare her into staying in her bed and resting...
Not my proudest Mommy moment, but there you go, frustration happens on the occasion.  Especially when I'm longing for  my two hours of nap time quiet.
So any way, I settled back down at the office computer, took a sip of my now cold coffee, and started working again, when all of a sudden I heard a little song drifting it's way down the hall and into my ears...
"If you're happy and you know it, put your head down, if you're happy and you know it put your head down, if your happy and you know it than you really out to show it..."

I smiled, and felt ashamed of the tone I had used with my amazing, creative, spirited,  naughty, quirky, beautiful, funny girl.
My precious, precious girl.
God bless that wild thing...I love her so.
Even if she doesn't take a nap.
For the record, she got up a 5th time, and a 6th time and now Maggie is crying.
So much for nap time.
Grace and Peace