Monday, February 13, 2012


Sad sister.

Very sad sister.

 In distress sister.
  What's wrong sister?
Don't you know we're at the play ground.

C'mon, get up!

I know what to do to make you smile

Smilling Littlest

Proud Little
Happy sisters all around
The End
Grace and Peace
PS  What is it about this fleece pull over that make my little one's cry?


Trevor said...

What a great pictorial story!

Little concerning the TWO parents present didn't console their upset daughter, but took photos??? Thankfully she's got Libby

Laura said...

Love Trevors comment

Jill said...

Nothing's better than a sister's love.

Sandra said...

Libby is such a caring big sister - she obviously understands that taking photos sometimes has to take priority!

Maybe you should consider loosing the offending fleece as it does seem to upset the wearer!