Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eight Years Later

 There we are, eight years ago, just days before we said "for better or worse."
Here we are just a few weeks ago. 
 Eight years later.  
Still quite the same, but different.  Maybe it is the bags beneath my eyes that are more significant, or maybe it is the lines of wisdom that are forming around his :).  I like to think that it is something more.  The first picture shows us completely blind to what the next 8 years of our life would be like.  We were starry eyed.  I think that we were just happy to be on the same continent, ready to start our life together.  All we knew was that possibility was in our future.  Potential jobs, homes, children, adventures, they were all in front of us.  Our history was just starting.
I know that in terms of a life time eight years isn't a lot, but in this picture below I think our history shows.  My sister once told me that the seventh year of marriage is one of the hardest.  I joked with Kevin on June 10th that we made it through the seven year itch.  You might not see it, but I do.  This picture shows us leaning into each other.  All I know, is that in these eight years, he is the one that I lean on.  On hard days, on good days, on days like Sunday when all we could muster was a dirty look at each other, I still couldn't imagine leaning into anyone else but him.
I love our love story, may it be a story that continues for years and years to come.  And should I ever get a chance to compare pictures from 18, 28, 38, 48, 58 years or more, I pray that we are always leaning into each other.
Grace and Peace

Thursday, June 6, 2013

This One Is Strictly For My Memories

When Libby was truly my Little, I read her "Where the Wild Things Are" almost everyday.  Somehow between learning to love princess things and fairy wings we moved away from it as a daily favorite.  We read  it with Maggie last night, knowing that she would love it, which she did.  This morning, while we were tidying her room together, Libby picked it up and flipped through the pages that only have pictures right after Max says "let the wild rumpus start", in which I normally insert the words "and rumpus, and rumpus, and rumpus" thanks to my bff Laura.  From there, she turned every page while I quoted it from my memory, as I mentioned, I used to read it everyday so it is one that I know by heart.
When we got to the end, she closed it in a bit of a huff, and said "Mommy, I don't like this book, we should give it away."
I answered "Oh Libby, we can't give it away, Cooper will love it."
"Why will he love it," she said.
I said "because he is sure to be a wild thing."
Then she said "what will he say when we read it to him?"
I said "Grrrrrr."
 Then she said "We should make him a suit, you know, a wolf suit."
What a great idea, I love that little girl.  It was one of my most favorite conversations I have ever had with her, it ranks right up there with this one.
This picture is pulling at my mama heart, mostly because she looks ever so grown up in it, but her hand is wrapped around her oldest friend Mo-Mo.  He's always been there with her.
Can't believe I am knocking on the door of my third trimester and preparing to meet another person who will change my life in a painful :) yet beautiful way or, that the magical little person who did it first, is knocking on the door of her fifth birthday.
Thankful for my wild things, all three.

"Oh please don't go, we'll eat you up we love you so" ~ Where the Wild Things Are
Grace and Peace