Thursday, May 29, 2008

Goodbye Mrs. Jones, Hello Mommy!

So, yesterday was my last day of being an art teacher for a while, and today is my first day of being a stay at home mom. I have been repressing all tears and emotions for fear that if I truly think about all of these changes I'll loose myself to them. Yesterday, when everyone else was busy saying long goodbyes for the summer, I scheduled myself a hair appointment and left quickly. I have made sweet friends at work and goodbyes can be awkward and sad so I chose to not deal with any of it.
Last week my homeroom students gave me a baby shower on the last day of class for them. they are the sweetest kids and I love them all dearly, here are some pics from our fun morning! No sad goodbyes with them either, I shuffled them into their cars at car line and off they went for the summer!

The Cake, with one piece gone already
Me eating the piece that was gone already
Opening gifts in front of the kids, so they all could see!
Me and Austin, the tallest boy in my class (and FBA's middle school). He is 13, one of his feet is the same length as both of mine together. He gave Libby the pink bunny along with a few other goodies.

Here is shot of some of the kids eating their cake. It was so precious b/c kids from other classes came too and were really excited to see all the baby girl stuff!

Opening Evan 's gift first, he made me promiseHere is my entire class, left to their own devices

And here we are together. As soon as they could see my belly poking out a few months ago they all loved touching it. It was really funny in the morning, b/c I would have make them sit down, they all wanted to be right where I was all at once!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great Shower, Bad Pictures!

The ladies at my school threw a lovely baby shower for Erin and I this past Thursday. It was so much fun and made me even more excited for Libby to get here, well get to Virginia that is. Pictures are better than words, even if they are quite possibly the worse quality pictures ever!

Here I am looking large!

This is the diaper bag I picked out for's manly!

Girly diaper bag for me

Some travel bowls
Libby's swing, which I am apparently thrilled about

I was excited about the pretty wrapping paper

Laura and I taken by a short person

Erin and I

This is the funniest picture to me, b/c who knew Mrs. Shaw could wear a pony tail????

Monday, May 26, 2008

Here's a Recap of Our 2008...So Far

January- We're pregnant, finally after a lot of prayer and not a lot of patience on my part
February- We're taking a pay cut and don't know how to keep our house
March- We feel strongly about me being a stay at home mom and I tell FBA that I will not be returning to teach. Two weeks later, pay cut turns into company closing. Wahoo!
April- Kev works hard to help Altronics liquidate their assets, while looking for a new job, literally anywhere in the country.'
*Highlight of this month was finally finding out that the Bean is actually a Beanette, our sweetling Liberty Rose
May- Kev is officially unemployed and going on lots of interviews.
I officially finish teaching :( and I am blocking the strong emotions that this could conjure up.
Kev has found a job in the Richmond , Va area.
We are moving in a little over two weeks,
we have to short sale our house,
find a new one in VA to rent
and organize all the details that moving involves.

For each of these life changing events I am thankful, b/c I know that we are not in control of any of them. Getting stressed about these kinds of things have never helped anyone, so we have learned through all of this to trust that our Father is guiding us, and He is!
It's actually exciting!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sometimes I Forget

When life gets too overwhelming I forget to blog. As soon as I gather my thoughts, I'll come back with some blogtastic thoughts.

My apologies.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Evening of the Arts

Thursday night I was part of a committee that planned an evening that showcased the art work of Christian artist with in one community. We have been planning this event for months and at times I was involved very little. I was mostly in charge of student work, which if I don't say so myself was pretty impressive.
At one of the last committee meetings I realized that if I didn't enter myself as an artist, not just part of the planning team, I was really going to miss out, so at the last minute I committed to completing three paintings for this creative event.
Seeing how busy we have been over the last few weeks it was a bit foolish of me to enter paintings that I had not painted yet. However, after a week of little sleep, I am happy to say that I finished all three. I have a bad habit of giving my art away, so Kevin and my friends made me promise not to compromise the set price for these pieces that I had decided on. I didn't sell the pieces at the event, but they are still for sale if anyone fancies owning them. They are titled Fallen, Growing, and Restored. I will sell them all for $500 or separate the smaller pieces are $150 and the center piece for $220. Fortunately, I am pleased with the way they turned out and they match my house nicely, so if they never sell it will be okay, they'll go to good use!

All three together $500

Growing $220

Fallen $150

Growing $150

Monday, May 5, 2008

Laura Made Me Do It

I am: Doing this b/c Laura tagged me, so don't take any of this too seriously. I read Brandi's Laura's and Ashley D.'s and they had some serious answers. I am not sure that I will
I think: My husband has a beautiful face, but I haven't seen it for a year and half b/c of his red beard
I know: how to draw and paint
I want: to make a difference
I wish: all of our friends and family would move where we move
I hate: when people are mean to each other
I miss: sister, sweeties, and parents
I fear: opening my eyes under water in the sea
I feel: Liberty kicking me
I hear: an air plane
I smell: the berry fresh cleaner that I cleaned the couches with yesterday
I crave: ice cream a lot
I search: for new art lessons all the time, even though I'm only an art teacher for two more weeks :(
I regret: not always trusting in God's best for my life
I love: Jesus, and Kevin and Libby and the pets and the fam and the friends
I ache: to see everyone as equals
I care: about a lot of things
I always: talk too, too much
I am not: painting right now which is what I should be doing!
I believe: that babies make everyone smile
I sing: in the car, in the kitchen, to my students, all the time!
I cry: over especially silly things right now
I fight: with my students, but really it is when I have to reprimand them, I call it fighting though
I write: love letters never, but I should do it more...just to Kevin
I win: not much..
I lose: my train of thought in just about every conversation I have
I never: break rules ater I know what they are...I may have just lied, but I try really hard not too
I confuse: people who try to have conversations with me
I listen: not that well, I think that I have ADD
I can usually be found: Hanging out with Kevin and Co
I am scared: the same thing that I fear
I need: a tylenol or something
I am happy about: seeing Libby in September
I hope: to always treat people kind
I am tagging: Melanie, Erin and Tessa