Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sick Day

This is the day that it started.  Four hours up in the middle of the night had her dozing in her lunch last Monday.  By the time she woke from her afternoon nap, her sad eyes told me that a Dr.'s appointment was in order.
Twenty-four hours later we were back in business.  I thought that the rest of had managed to sneak by with out her passing her germs to us.
This picture does not fit in with my post, but I had to add it.  We had Gus groomed on Saturday.  I asked the  groomer  not to make him look like greyhound or a poodle.  Apparently, I also needed to clarify that I also did not want him to look like a cartoon.  I'm okay with this, I know that hair only grows one direction.  I am a good and kind master and bought him a coat b/c it is cold outside and he is basically naked now.
Thursday night Kev started telling me he wasn't feeling quite right.  Friday night he went to bed with shivers. Saturday morning Libby woke up with the same sad eyes that Maggie had.  By noon on Saturday I had the shivers that Kevin had the night before.  Throw in constant body ache, and I have been here, on the couch all day today.
Being a mom, and being sick at the same time is not fun, but it has it perks too.  I got served this plastic meal today,
by this lovely eye and all.
and I got to watch them both my girls take out every toy we own and scatter them from one corner of my downstairs to the other.

Sick day is over.  I'm hoping that tomorrow we are up and running again, and by we, I mean me, so I can keep up with my little destroyers.
Grace and peace

Monday, January 16, 2012

From The Mouths of Babes

From the open window in the corner of my room, while I rolled my fitted sheet into a ball, folded my fitted sheet I heard "Wendy, you have to fly, Peter watch out for the alligator!"

On the way home from a birthday party Saturday night, "Mommy, Aiden's dragon party was so beautiful, it was just beautiful."  (In your head while you read this imagine her saying it in a dreamy whisper...sort of like she was reliving all the fun in her head.)  In the same voice after dinner the other night she told me her after dinner treat was "magical", then proceeded to stand on the middle of her table and sing a song about it.

Last night when Kev got home from his soccer game I witnessed this conversation,
Libby:  Daddy did you win?
Kev:  No Libs
Libby:  Why you not win Daddy?
Kev:  Well, the other team scored more goals
(Repeat this part three or four more times)
Libby:  Daddy and there were lots of people there?
Kev:  Oh yes, there were even lots of kiddies playing in the field next to me
Libby:  Did you pet them?
Kev:  No!  That is frowned upon by most people
(Kev looks at me as if to say what is she talking about?)
Libby:  But, why there were lots of cats there Daddy?
Me:  Kev you said there were "kiddies", she thinks there were kitty cats playing soccer
Kev: Oh!!!!  No Libs there were no cats, but there were children
She ponders this for a moment and then
Libby:  But Daddy, did you win?
(Repeat the conversation again)

Libby Jones, professional bed time delayer extraordinaire.

Everyday with her is like seeing the world from a child's eye.  It is delightful.
That's all.
Grace and Peace

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Sigh

About a year and a day ago, I was sitting in my living room chair nervously pondering the events in my life that I knew were about to take place.  I was thinking about my Little and how well I  knew her, and how much I loved her, and how  I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it all again.  I was sure I couldn't be the same Mother to two children.
After all, your first born, is, well, your first...they get all those first things with you.  I was certain that everything with Maggie would just be the second time that I had experienced all those big and little parent moments.  Do you know what I mean? Second pregnancy, second birth, second newborn, second everything.
God had different plans for my Littlest though and even a year later I am moved to tears when I think about the way she came to us.  I had no idea how I could love another baby as much as I loved my Libby...but then it happened...

I held her.
It was like... magic.

One year later and I can still say that birthing Maggie was the most amazing experience of my life.  I speak the  truth when I tell you that I could absolutely feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room with us that night, covering us with peace and comfort and endurance like I have never felt before.
  Peace was there and when I screamed in pain that I couldn't do it anymore, He nudged me on and said I could. Then I reached down and there she was.

Our bodies sank into each other and I loved her. Oh, how I loved her so much.  My mother bear instincts kick in, my arms wrapped around her perfect little new born body and I didn't want to let her out of my sight.  I just wanted to keep her there in my arms all night.

My Maggie Bell.

Still amazing.
The little girl that amazed us that night continued onward and amazed us all year long, from her quizzical little newborn stares, to her surprising strength, to her sometimes shockingly bad sleep habits.  She has taught us that no two children are alike.

She brought with her  into this world sweetness that I'm sure it didn't have before.  Her shy smiles are hypnotizing, as are the lovely red curls that frame the back of her head.

Sometimes I wish so hard that she would reach her fists up over head and do that new born stretch  she did so well, just one more time.  I wish I could feel her tiny body all tucked up next to mine, or run my hand across her new to the world wrinkled skin...

Time tells me that it is not possible.  Time tells me  to enjoy today, becasue today she laughs, and today she nearly runs to great me when we have been apart, today she can exert her will, and today she knows how to love us back.
Today she has been with us a whole year.

Happy hearts.
Here's to my Littlest.  We love you deeply.

Grace and Peace to you my dear one

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Go To The Park More...Check

You know, I don't have many useless words to attach to these pictures tonight.  I did want to mention that in a recent post I had a rather embarrassing typo that I really should go back and fix.  I believe I wrote "right" when I should have typed "write."  When I post late at night, some times my thoughts get ahead of my fingers.  Sorry 'bout that.
 I did go to college.
 I have a degree.
 I taught children at one point.
There are some things that even spell check can't catch, remember that time I typed Eater Sunday instead of Easter Sunday?
Occasionally, Kev will stand behind me and correct me when I make a mistake. This is really helpful in the I want to throw something at him kind of way:)
The wind is blowing outside my window tonight at a chilly 8 degrees or something ridiculous like that, but this past  weekend told a very different story.  Really, if it is 8 degrees outside, shouldn't it just snow?  I'm just saying a little snow would go well with 8 degrees....
Back to this weekend past, my house was piled with piles, but I happily dropped my chores on the floor when my dear one said "let's go to the park," b/c I made it a resolution, so I had to.  To be honest the chores and the piles were there when we got home and it was 6o some degrees on this January day.
Yes, the piles were there waiting for me today when it was much, much too cold to go outside.  The perfect day to put piles away.

 I could have a very pretty and organized house if  I took the time to keep it that way, but for now, it will come at a cost.  For today, I am learning to live with some dust and piles(with in reason of course) so that I don't miss days like this.
Because if I had stayed home and organized, I would have missed my girls hair pointing to the sky from the static on the cold plastic slide.
And I would have missed them laughing together...
Which I actually joined in on...
Which means I covered another one of my resolutions.
Laugh more...check
I heard the weather man say the temperatures will be back to 60 this weekend.
Resolution #6: Spend time outside when the weather is nice...
Well, I'll just see if I can cover that on Saturday.
Grace and Peace