Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remember When...

Libby and Gus looked like this together?
Now look at them
I wish I would have had the clarity of thought to spell out Gus with blocks as well,

I also think that Gus resembles Sam the Sheepdog from this angle

Monday, April 27, 2009


If you have ever spent any amount of time around my Mom in the summer, you know the battle she has day in and day out with the humidity when trying to fix her hair. A trait that, it would appear, she has passed down to my Little. Saturday we had record breaking high temperatures for April (which I loved?) but Libby's hair did not. She started off the day looking like this...
(by the way, these pictures are way over edited b/c they were not that good to begin with. I didn't use the flash so they were all dark and blurry. I cleaned them up as much as could so that you can appreciate what humidity does to our baby)

So sweet and tidy, playing with her blocks

Which incidentally are her favorite toys

Then we put her hat on b/c it was sunny and we were headed out

Her cheeks match her hat....just like this girl

Putting the hat on was where we went wrong, b/c when we got home and took the hat off....
Well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but remember when her hair got upset, way back when? It got really upset on Saturday, but she didn't care. I think she actually enjoyed it.

See? She's laughing.

But the again, so were we.

And this my friends might be the only picture
in which I think that she even looks remotely like me. It has to do with her mouth being open like she is squealing in excitement. I do that a lot (Sorry Kev).
You be the judge.

Welcome Home Warm

I am welcoming all this warm weather with open arms. We are sitting on our porch, eating dinner outside, playing in the yard, and making things feel more homey around these parts so that we can enjoy the outdoors more.
Remind me to post about the mischief we are up to! I have a plan in reference to this post, but am not quite ready to talk about it.
Until then, here we are drinking in the last bits of sun before it set the other night.
Did I mention how much I love the warm?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

We have been working on this for weeks.
After shooting about 24 videos of me annoyingly saying "how big is Libby? Soooo big!" and her just sitting there laughing at me, she finally did it!
So it is my privileged to share with you,

"Libby, Being So Big,"
staring: Libby
Narrative by: Camera-happy mommy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Pot Of Gold or Green

We did not find the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.
We did, however, find a pot of green beans.
This made Libby just as excited as the prospect of gold.
Because, for her it meant lunch.

Blessed Are The Cracks, For They Let In The Light"

Title stolen from Groucho Marx and used at least 3 times on this blog.
Probably one of my most favorite quotes ever, b/c it is reflected daily in my life, in many different ways.
However, for the interest of this post it is tell you that I love old things with many cracks. I love their smell, I love the way they look, and I love the story they tell. Slowly, but surly, old stuff is taking over our home and I like a lot.
Exhibit 1:
My wedding ring...okay so I know that it has nothing to do with our house and perhaps it will seem like I'm boasting...but it is probably my first antique(most of our old stuff is probably worthless, but this is the one thing that isn't) Kev and I visited an antique jewelry store in Oxford, England years back, and I mentioned to him that if he ever did want to ask me to marry him, I would like an old ring rather than a new one. Any way, he said that I tried this ring on that day, but I don't remember. He went back and bought it shortly there after and hung on to it for 6 months before asking me to be his forever. He kept it a secret from everyone! I love it, I don't know what it's history is, but some old markings on the side tells us that it is from the 30's and is French.

Exhibit 2:
Libby's dresser. I love it. I bought it from this lady . While I don't know the origin of it or if it's worth much(which I don't care about) it served the purpose of looking worn down a bit.

Our little turquoise dresser isn't much different than this Belgium Antique, but I think that they both accomplish a similar look minus a drawer, and mine was a fraction of this cost! Thanks Mom!

Exhibit 3:
Our newish photo gallery. It's a work in progress. I don't know where I snagged this idea from, but we bought these shutters locally for I think 60ish dollars.

Check out these nearly identical shutters for $300 a pair!!!!!!! Gasp, I feel like a got a steal.Exhibit 4:
Newest old thing is this old rocking chair. Kev and I have been wanting some rocking chairs for our porch. I know this one is quite beat up (which I like) but it was only $15!
This one is very similar...but new and in need of no repairs. However, it has a basket woven back and seat like my $15 one and it is listed for $898...wowzers!

Exhibit 5: My favorite old stuff...anything from my farm. When they sold the old place I asked my uncles to steal the old high chair for Libby (look at the picture of her dresser and you'll see it), the iron kettle from the wood stove, and the skeleton key from the front door. Well, I got the high chair and the kettle, but no one ever passed on the key. Turns out my uncle just recently dropped it off at my parents house for me and it was keys not key. I made them art and hung them in this frame with a picture of the house. These items are priceless to me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The View From Here

This is my view many mornings....especially Mondays. Rain.

But look at what it's doing to the daisies!

Most afternoons I see something like this. Gus sleeping(somewhere he's not suppose to in the instance), Libby playing, and Trouble close behind her.

When I look down from whatever thing I am doing I normally see this girl (all too often I'm doing unproductive things, if someone can tell me how to be like this I would appreciate the help)....
and Gus,
still sleeping, not in his dog bed though
In the evening I see this bearded fellow whose hands are never idle. He works tirelessly for us.
The other day he said he would work 24 hours a day,
so that I could stay at home with the Little.
Sigh, swoon, rapid heartbeats.
He swoops in and saves the day with words like that.

That's what the view is like from here these days....
How's your view?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

*Why did I say do not judge?...b/c I definitely did when I watched American Idol last year and assumed that Jason Castro was a certain type of person based on his appearance. I had no idea about his testimony or the scary guy from Korn's for that matter. Why don't I have any comments on this post go here and watch these videos!

Go here...and do not judge.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

On Being 7 Months

I have come to the conclusion that it takes much longer to be 7 months pregnant than to have a baby for 7 months. I distinctly remember 7 months pregnant b/c I had just left the sunshine state kicking and screaming, I was homeless and living with my parents (temporarily), my sweet heart was across an ocean from me, and I was very hot and round.
Anywho, back to the 7 month old. Here ia run down of just how excting it is for me to have Liberty Rose smiling back at me everyday.

She crawls...
Okay, not really. I just wanted all the other mom's to think that my baby was advanced, but she does do this, which I think means she is ready for college
She views the world from her own perspective
(I think she gets that from's the artist in her)
She looks like her Daddy

She make funny faces #1



She hides when she sees me with the camera
She cries...sigh..heart breaks
She smiles...sigh....heart melts
She's ours. Happy hearts. All 3.
All this Virginia rain must be working because you're growing little freedom flower.
Bring on the spring.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little Ditty or Two or Nine

There seems to be an endless amount of things one can add to their blog. There was a time I vowed to keep mine plain black, but you can see that has changed. I succumbed to all the fancy add ons.
Newest addition, a playlist. Don't be scared, I always listen to music while I write. Now, you can listen while you read and look at pictures. If you don't like it, push pause at the bottom of the page or just turn your volume down silly!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Picture Deserved It's Own Post

Forgive my boasting, but there is nothing about this Libby girl that I don't love.

Manner's at the Table Please

Especially when my cousins went to such beautiful extremes to make Easter dinner a special day for us. We have been in FL for all of our married Easter's so it was a treat for us to spend this Easter with Babs and G-dad, and cousins, and aunt's, and uncles. My cousin Jan and her husband Ken prepared a beautiful day for the family and left us with our top buttons popped despite our elegant surroundings! I am planning accordingly next year and taking it easy on the appetizers so that I can fully appreciate all the different courses.

Believe it or not, we were less than excessive in taking pictures of Libby's first Easter, sad I know. We don't even have one family shot, not mention proof that Kevin was there at all. He was, he was just in charge of pictures, and neglected to hand the camera off for someone to take a picture of him. Here are a few though. We had a great day...I love being with the family, we hug a lot, we are loved, I like that.

Libby and her first practical Easter basket- socks, puffs, sippy cup, and saline drops. Sorry Libs, we'll give you lots of chocolate next year.

Why would she pick up the puff when she can just lap it up like Gus does!

In honor of living near Williamsburg, we put this bonnet on her, she was precious in it.

Apparently I must have my mouth open in all pictures.
If you care to know this green dress is taking the place of the previous, ivory, lace one I desired for the spring wedding I am attending

I love her contemplative look in this picture.
Truth be told she is looking away from the sun and not contemplating anything, but who knows? I think babies surely have wonderful thoughts.

Here we are taking a turn around Grayson Gardens trying to make room for dessert, and really Daddy was there too, but had to take the picture b/c everyone else was some place else and not taking pictures in the garden with us!

Holidays make us slow down and take a day to enjoy each others company. I like that too.