Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rosy Cheeks And Everything

All I have ever heard about England is how "rubbish" the weather is. Especially this summer in particular when, according to the locals, they have had no summer to speak of. So we came prepared for the worst weather possible with loads of sweaters, a plastic cover for the stroller, and even a heavy winter coat. However, it must be said that every time I have come to this country the weather has been gorgeous and makes one wonder what all the fuss is about. Actually, it did rain today, finally, so we walked down to the sea so I could see what a proper day on the Cornish coastline looks like and Kev could go surfing.
Here's our latest pics. This weekend, we played outside, played by the sea, and visited with Kev's long time friend and his lady...We all got a little pink in the cheeks and clearly, despite the sun, we still have made use of our sweaters.
Kev and the Little walking over the tide pools,

and splashing in the tide pools.

Have I mentioned that the Little L-O-V-E-S dogs. In this picture she is squealing with delight at some dogs playing on the beach...
p.s. when the tide is out here, this beach is huge!
So, I think that Bude is the perfect place to get pictures of your children. I like each one better than the last
Seriously, she love dogs, she can spot them from a mile away and then she says...a-ro-wo-wo-ro

Kev and his friends from uni...the one in the middle, that is not Kev, was his best man at our wedding. We call him Uncle Ben, the English one, not the one that makes the rice.
About her walking...she seriously saw a toy the other day, wanted it, and walked right to it, but now it's like she remembered that she liked crawling better. I have been encouraging walking everyday, but still she prefers to crawl, unless of course I'm holding her hand by the sea side.
So many great photo moments, that I couldn't pick, so you get to see lots of them.
Walking on a country lane with Daddy

and then with Grandma

I was just saying that after this trip my blog is going to take a turn for the worse...really, really, boring and probably infrequently updated seeing that here I have a built in babysitter that lets me have few minutes to write....but until then one last shot of a little girl fed up.
Her face says it all, too much sun lef her ready for bed.

Which, incendently I am ready for.
Until next time.
Grace and peace.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cornish Goodies

This lady at the Rectory Tea Rooms at Morwenstow brought us my favorite thing
Scones with clotted cream, strawberry jam, and a pot of tea
The Little ate her first scone and cream
I had my own scone and pot of tea and would go back daily for another if my jeans would allow it.
Align Center
That my friends is clotted cream and jam almost gone.
Libby and Grandma loving every bite.

How sad. It is all done.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

* We're walking!

We're not there yet...but we are practicing.
She is really close, maybe be toddling by the time we come back to the big island.

Friday, September 18, 2009

And They Lived... Well, You Know How It Goes

It seems only yesterday that a certain young man brought me to this place and made me fall hopelessly in love with him.
If you came here you would fall in love too, it is breath taking, and is even more so with the little addition that we added to the scenery.

How ever many years ago it was that he first introduced me to his home when my heart so seamlessly became entwined with his, I had only mere hopes, dare I say, dreams, that one day we would come back, not only with the same last name, but with our own little family. Yet here we are, all three, together with no ocean separating us any more (just a little foot note here, Kev and I dated 4 years long distance before tying the knot, that was pre-blogging years).
Being here makes me feel 22 again (except when I was 22 I didn't feel this tired or have stretch marks). I am loving spending time with my favorites and thanks to Grandma, some alone time with one of those favorites in particular.

So for now dear ones, I am wishing you a blowing a dandelion in the breeze, sitting on a rocky cliff in the most beautiful place, kind of day.

Big Cornish love to you all.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

London Bridges Falling Down

So....we arrived..
with baggy eyes, but big excitement about showing our loved ones our Little.
We spent our first couple days here drinking coffee, celebrating monumental birthdays, and trying to catch up on our sleep.
Our sweetling is a creature of habit and changing time zones has thrown a wrench in her schedule, not to mention the appearance of two new teeth potentially poking through at any moment.
I feel sure that some one once told me that there is something called a teething scream, which I'm sure Libby knows how to do. In fact, I'm sure that everyone on this small island of mobile phones and short bread, is sure our Little knows how to do a teething scream. It's that loud, especially at 3:00 am.
Anywho, just the thought of the screaming is making me hungry for sleep or short bread? let me stop dribbling on and post pictures.
Here are some shots of fresh air on a cloudy day

What do you mean it's my birthday?

If you are wondering where the illusive "12 month, my baby girl is 1 post" is? it's not here, because I refuse to think about it..maybe tomorrow. We did celebrate her birthday, but being on vacation kept me distracted from realizing that my baby is very quickly becoming a little girl. Libby in a Mini
She couldn't figure out why the steering wheel was on the wrong side of the car?
Having lunch where Daddy used to spend weekend holidays with the family

I post this picture just so you can see my new boots that make my husband wonder where I left my horse! Tallyho to you my friends and goodnight...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jet Setting

Passport in hand, she was all ready to get on the plane and head to see the queen (actually, we are spending most of our time with Grandma and little to none with the queen). She was quite busy and happy in the airport, pushing her stroller up and down the terminal and squealing at the passengers while we all waited for the plane. Little did she know that they were all hoping their seat wasn't next to her's for the 7 hour flight.
So how did she do flying from here to there? I had prepared myself for the absolute worst, and I'm glad I did, b/c it wasn't exactly a stroll in the park. So yes, she cried, and yes we got some dirty looks and heard some comments about how 'that baby needed sleep.' However, she did finally go to sleep and woke happy as a clam and we all arrived in one piece. We have been in London the last few days and we are now relaxing in one of my favorite places in all the world, so keep popping back and maybe if I can tear myself away from from the scenic views and spending time with my loves I'll update some more!