Friday, October 31, 2008


I wasn't sure if this onsie would fit Libs or not. Turns out with the addition of baby legs and Halloween socks even something a wee to big will look cute.

Before lunch
After lunch

Our own pumpkin patch, complete with baby laying on pretty table cloth
Happy feet

Happy Hauntings

Here is our little pumpkin all dressed for her first party, her first Halloween party, to be exact!
If you're asking yourself "self does that white bow belong on that hat?" the answer would be no. Mommy may have been nervous that without a trace of pink some silly person may have asked how old my little boy was and we just couldn't have that! So I added the bow!

and that's how we do Halloween around here....pumpkins.
Not our neighbor's though. Since October 1st the following has been emerging next door. They are really normal people, but they love really scary stuff I guess. The pictures do no justice, b/c there is so much Halloween paraphernalia in their yard, it was impossible to capture it all. Enjoy the pics or not...just question them? I don't know, but I hope they go all out for Christmas too.

The Face Of Love

I love our 7:00 feeding. Libby looks directly at me with her baby blues wide open and then drifts off to sleep in my arms. Every night I am amazed that God entrusted His daughter Liberty to me and her sweet Daddy...she is beauty in our eyes.

Good Night!

A Betrothal

The Connell's, some of our favorite people came to stay with us this week. Since I love their little boys and have hopes that Owen and Libby will fall madly in love one day I snapped pictures of them together every chance I could. Owen loved Libby and would say sweet things like "baby cries" and even helped me feed and burp her (Mel has those pictures though). Libby may not have the same feelings for Owen as he does for her right now, but I know she will one day...with a smile like his, how could she not!
I start with this one b/c she looks cute...that's all.

This is Owen's big brother Caeden, here he is approving of the arrangement with a big grin

Owen and Libby holding hands
Stealing glances

See how he looks at her, a match made in heaven!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Legs and Red Bows

These 2 outfits made me want to squeeze her tighter than I already do! So I thought that I would share.
Check out her new hat for those chilly walks at the park! It may be a sizes too big but we like it so we're wearing it!

Is my 1 month old supposed to do this?
Baby legs courtesy of Laura and Slim
I think she is saying "enough already mom"
She'll steal your heart, and then make it melt.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Have Seen This Before

Remember last year when I fell in the woods and Kev captured this picture

Well we are mean parents and put our NEWBORN on the ground in the leaves all for the sake of a photo, and i thought they looked strangely familiar.

What is wrong with us???

Daddys and Daughters

This is a special relationship that I know about first hand. He will be her hero and love for now and always.
I know these picture are almost exactly the same but I couldn't choose.
Have I mentioned how I love I them.

I'm Sorry To Do This But...

Kevin and I torture our daughter by forcing her into pictures. So don't ask questions, but look at this shot that we somehow captured.

Fall Was Falling All Around

I love the fall,
It makes me fell like home.

Weekend in the Woods

This past weekend Kevin rented us a cabin in the woods. We had a great time exploring and enjoying fall. Grandma came with us and we hope to make it an annual trip and include the rest of the family maybe. Here are some pics that document our trip and Libby's first vacation! Actually, we had a lot of firsts,
1st vacation
1st hike
1st Monsoon outfit (my favorite English store)
1st time in a cavern
1st time on Skyline drive
we were busy!
To keep you interested in the slide show see how many times you can see Gus in the pictures, if you count right you'll get a prize. He loved being in the woods free of fence and lead. You can tell that he is smiling!

Our Little Garden Gnome

Autumn landed right on her back and made the perfect picture

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bear Hunting

Sunday night while Grandma, Libby, and I sat cozy in our mountain cabin, my brave husband weathered the cold to enjoy an invigorating soak in the hot tub. While in the tub admiring the scenery he looked down at a neighboring pond and saw a black bear!!!! He was so excited he jumped out of the hot tub and ran to the window, in the cold, and was banging on the window trying to get our attention so that we could see it too.
To make a long story short the bear got away before anyone else got to see it. The next night while Grandma, Libby, and I sat cozy in our mountain cabin, my brave husband sat outside in the cold, for hours, just waiting for that bear to wander on by again. It never did, but here are some pictures of Kevin, the brave and curious, patiently waiting for his mountain friend.


Only read the next post if you like the mushy, gushy, love stuff.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Than I Ever Thought Possible

I bought Kevin a card with the words "more than I ever thought possible" on it for Christmas a couple of years ago. We really liked the way the card looked and we liked what it said, so we put it in a frame, added a picture of us, and made it art. Now it sits in my kitchen window sill and I am reminded everyday that God has given me more than I ever thought possible.
Since having our little lovely I am amazed at how much more I love Kevin. Right when I thought I loved him as much as I possibly could, Liberty happened and I realized I love him deeper, stronger and more appreciative now. I find myself hoping that Libby has more of him then she has of me, b/c he is the best person I know.
So each day when I look in my arms and see my baby, and then look to my side and see my love, I realize that my life is more than I ever thought possible.
"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think."
Ephesians 3:20

Friday, October 17, 2008

And So I Steal Them

Since having Libby, I have become acutely aware that in no time at all she will be asking me to walk several paces behind her at the mall and pointing how incredibly clueless her mom is in matters of life.
So I must confess, that every moment I can steal with her I do. When she sinks into a deep sleep in my arms after nursing, there are times when I choose to hold her longer and closer to me, when perhaps I should put her down and let her gain some independence.
My fear and hope (in a strange way) is that she'll have a wild and adventurous spirit one day that takes her to wherever God would lead her.
However, right now, I am the center of her world b/c that is the way that He designed she and I, so I steal those moments when she is as happy to be close to me as I am to her.