Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Big Snow

One day I will want to remember that in  2014 we got 8 inches of snow in Virginia Beach.  Compared to the rest of country it is not much, but according to my 90 year old neighbor it is the most that she has ever seen here.
It took me a long time to get everyone ready to go outside and play.  We came inside moments later.  There were coats and gloves and scarves and puddles from one end of my house to other.  

 This is the sled that we made...we had to improvise.
 Tiny son was happier in the house.
 I don't know why he is wearing a purple hat.  Sometimes he ends up in the strangest things.  It is a sister hazard.

Grace and peace

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Your Biggest Fan

Do you remember that post I wrote about Libby when she went to stay with my parents on her own?  I said I wanted to stand on top of a mountain and shout to the world "do you know how special this girl is?"  Probably not, I don't think anyone commented on that post.  I digress.  
What I wanted to say is, I still feel that way.  She is vivacious, and imaginative, and passionate, and smart, and growing at an alarming rate.
 She has been taking dance since September.  They had a mid year performance this past weekend at an Old Dominion University woman's basketball game.  Her teacher sent us a link to the dance on YouTube so that we could practice her moves at home.  When I suggested that we work on it before the big night, the little girl I described above crumbled.  I'm always thrown a bit off track when Libby acts shy.  It is not in her nature.  Part of me kind of likes it, because she needs me more in those moments.  When she cried and said that she just wanted to stay close to Mama, I wanted to hold her close to me and say of course you can stay with Mama.  She so rarely wants me to mother her that way, I wanted to jump at the chance.  I knew that I couldn't.  I didn't want to push her too much, if she was truly afraid of preforming I didn't want to make her, but I knew I needed to encourage her to try.  I told her that things we are not used to are always a bit scary, but that I would be right there cheering her on.
"How close Mama?" she said.
"As close as they'll let me Libby."
 She never would practice in our living room.  She just wanted me to hold her.  I did not make her practice, I just told her that I knew she was brave enough to do her best.
When she took to the floor at half time, I could see her scanning the audience for us.  Maggie and I were screaming her name.  She couldn't hear us, every camera holding proud parent was screaming their own child's name.  I noticed some of them had even taken to the floor with their iphone's and dslr's.   I remembered what I told her "as close as they'll let me."  I crept down to the floor and found a place right in front of her and I thought if I don't cheer for her and cheer for her loudly who will?  So I did. Her little eyes found me and her face lit up because I was there cheering for her, camera in hand, as close as they would let me.
 She did awesome.  She grinned from ear to ear the whole time and barely missed a step.  She waved to us with both arms up!
I don't know if she'll stick with dance.  I don't know what she'll do, but I know that I'm going to be there, cheering as loudly as I can for her, from the front row if they'll let me.
The whole world might not know how special she is, but I sure do.
Grace and Peace

Update: From The Trenches

 I uploaded these pictures earlier tonight, when I had big ideas for this post.  It is hours later now and I can't remember what I was going to say.
I love these pictures from first thing in the morning.   I love the girls sleepy faces and messy hair.  It is my favorite time of day when everything is fresh and new.
 Today was not a bad day, but I feel like I was holding on by a very thin thread.  I'm glad that bed time is here because I need it.  I think that I can hear my pillow calling my name.
 I've always known that I am more of a summer girl, but my goodness the cold grey of winter tries to pull me down.  I wanted to take the girls outside to play today, but when I saw the temperature was still in the thirties I couldn't bring myself to do it.  We payed for it in the end.  The day was long and the house suffered for it.
I found a rogue slice of cucumber on top of a stack of clothes in my room.  I'll never know how it came to be there.  I laughed when I found it, because who finds a cucumber in there bedroom?
 I think that my darling boy is working on his first teeth.  He is chewing hard on his fist, his toys, raw carrots, anything he can get to his mouth, he is chewing on.  Today the chewing was accompanied by crying, poor fella.  I was forced to cuddle him most of the day, which is fine by me, but can result in vegetables in weird places.
 I told myself I was only going to post one picture of him, but then I realized I have a gabillion fabulous shots that someone needs to see.  This boy...
 I love this boy.  I never knew I would love him like this.  Of course I knew I would love him, but this love I didn't know I had it in me.  I melt.  Like butter on the kitchen counter.
 I let him taste some mashed up food this week.  It's safe to say there is no turning back now.   Squished up bananas and avocado have changed him for the better.  He's been staring at our forks at dinner for weeks.
We'll I'm off to find my Englishman and then my pillow and then the inside of my eyes.
Goodnight world.
And by world, I mean Mom, Dad, and Grandma ;)