Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I have had several Facebook friends become first time parents over the last couple of weeks.  I always have this little magical moment when I feel so excited for them...even if it is someone I don't really know that well.   I think to myself, "you have no idea, but your life will never be the same."  In an instant you're holding this living, breathing, beautiful mystery.  In that instant you become this whole other person that is changed from the moment before all b/c of a baby.
Isn't it ironic, that Jesus came to us in that very same way.   In a instant, as his mother pulled him to her chest and she took a deep breath of relief, life as she new it was changed...and life for all of us was changed.  In that deep breath, in that first cry of life, grace was born.  My mind has been  dancing around that thought and the beauty of that moment all day.  I always wonder wonder if she knew.  Did she know how her life would change b/c of her baby...
The evenings after both my girls were born I had this crazy adrenaline that kicked in and I just stayed awake and stared at them.  I just couldn't take my eyes off of their tiny face, their little fingers, their fantastic crinkly newborn skin.  I was  in complete awe that  my life was forever ever changed by someone so small...and yet, my life was already changed by someone so small.
I pray that as you look forward to a new year you will embrace the tiny baby that change life for us all...I pray that you find yourself changed b/c of Him already.
Merry Christmas dear friends.
I hope that you have a lovely Christmas day, wrapped in the magic that only Christmas can bring!
Grace and Peace
That's a wrap.  A post a day since the first day of December...except for that one night.  I'll see you soon, with pictures of wide eyed girls in Christmas jammies.

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