Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have nothing profound to say...oh wait I do. Trouble turned into a wild cat this weekend. I've never seen anything like it. Our friend Bronson, the Pembroke Corgi, came over to play with Gus on Sunday and Trouble lost all civility. He chased both dogs through the yard fully puffed, claws at the ready, and hissed with ever step. Somehow my arm got in the way and I have scratches and bite marks to remember the pandemonium by. It ended when Trouble's claws got stuck in Gus's fur and Gus flung my poor cat through the air and when he landed he retreated under the deck. It was an impressive sight and if you think that I have exaggerated in the slightest you can ask Gus, the Corgi, or Trouble, they will all re-live the tale quite the same!
Why would I ever say that I have nothing to say, silly me! The other day, I may or may not have been ordering something from the Moby wrap website, when I found that they were having a wonderful sale on knits. So I ordered the little this sweet hat for 3.99. I was delightfully surprised when my order arrived yesterday and found that since I may have ordered something else, plus the hat, they sent me a beautiful, cream scarf, perfect for the spring. I was just saying to the mister the other day that in order to be trendy this spring I was going to have buy a light-weight, cream scarf, and what you know? I got one for free, for being a valued custumer!
Enough of my stories, here are some pics of Libby Rose being ever so sweet, as always!

I love Libby's tu-tu from Christmas, so much so that I have never put it away. I have it hanging on a pretty, satin hanger like it's a decoration, in her room. So the other night I dressed her in it before bed. To my dismay my wireless flash needs new batteries and the lighting in her room was horrible with the regular flash. I edited away, but they are not nearly as cute as she was in real life! Check out her curves!

Oh, this is not Libby, but it is Trouble...post wild animal attack. Who would have thought that he could turn into a jungle cat?

The rest of these pictures are in serious excess. I have a self control problem. Kevin does not. He can easily put the camera down after one shot. I, on the other hand just keep clicking away, and I while she may not have done anything different in all 100 pictures I have taken, I refuse to delete any of them...she is just so darn cute to me. So if this blog serves no other purpose than entertaining me and supporting my Libby habit, then so be it. I am entertained and my habit is fixed.

I really love the fact that Libby has a slightly large head and big eyes, she reminds me of a Littlest Pet Shop toy!
Oh, here is the free scarf and a-dor-a-ble hat. Don't we look delightfully nuetral.
After the last post, I thought I would tell you that she is a diverse girl. For even though she loves to do art with me, she is quite happy to fiddle on the computer with Daddy too.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Verdict Is In...

She's an artist!
There's paint on her sleeve and Bernie's ear to prove it.
Glory Be!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Put A Ring On It

Is it wrong that yesterday, while blaring Beyonce's catchy tune, I was overwhelmed with pure joy out of watching my sweetling laugh at me while shaking my booty shamelessly across my kitchen...I think not! We do listen to more appropriate music for the most part, and most days, we can be found singing praise music(especially Hosanna), or the Jones family favorite, Mama Dada, sung to the tune of Twinkle-Twinkle, (her daddy sings this one especially nice).
Now stay with me faithful readers I have a point. Since the day she was born I new she had sass (which indecently I prayed for Mommy's looks, Daddy's personality, we got Mommy's personality and Daddy's looks) but than I read this post by my blog friend Amanda, and got a little nervous. I read her description of sweet little Maryn's gentle personality and thought, "well that doesn't sound familiar." I truly do desire Miss Liberty to have a quiet and gentle spirit however, as I watch my Little's personality develop, I fear some of her qualities are quite the opposite. Dear Libby is stubborn and strong willed, when she doesn't get her way. She clenches her fists when she gets mad, and lately it seems like she has learned to pinch!
Oh Libby, I think that gentle and quiet are qualities that you will have to learn. I am learning that I must teach my Libby to be sweet and gentle, so that when she is grown people will quite easily describe her as lady. So what to do with this stubborn and slightly feisty behavior? Well, I will pray for grace while raising her and hope that the stubbornness turns to determination and the feisty turns to gumption, b/c let's be honest, God gave her these qualities and as her mother I must trust him to use them for His glory!
So what, you might ask, does this have to do with dancing in the kitchen? The answer is my heart was warmed by the fact that even though she has some qualities that will need to be refined, she laughs, and smiles with ease and that dear friends trumps everything else.

As her personality grows so does she, 5 months down. I triple dog, dare you to look at her smile and not feel inclined to smile yourself. I love her, stubborn, feisty, and all.

Note To Self

Before naming any future children, google all versions of name before doing so...Liberty Rose or Libby Jones

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Must Update, But...

Stopping in at the fore mentioned "Germ Fest" paid off and now I have the ick that the little still has a bit off, and I just don't have the energy to do so.
Here is a quick update to catch you up.
1. Libby is still cute at 5 months old, which she turned today.
2. Kev and I went on our first date since having Libby thanks to the best cousin ever, Jill.
3. Have not commenced in taking 5 month photo shoot, however if you still stalk me Lindsay D. and Julie S. here are some pics of her in the frock you gave her back in November. It is colorful and dotty and helps to make us cheerful. Thanks!

She was still not so good on Friday and spent most of the day in here and was quite content

See relaxed

Note her eyes...they say "I don't feel good and this cold stinks!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Does she look sick to you? She is.
I never understood why moms, in general, let their kids have icky, runny noses, and now I do. You can wipe and wipe, but it will still come out when you aren't looking, creating a gooey and crusty mess on your baby's face, sickening!
After a visit to "Germ-fest 2009," aka the pediatrician's office, the good Doctor says no viruses here just a stinkin' cold. However, to this new mama it feels like the black plague and I have the baggy eyes and disheveled appearance to prove it. I feel like Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are lurking around every corner just waiting to point out my flaws! Don't you worry though, I might be wrinkled but there are no signs of pj's in public on this girl!
Anywho, enjoy these pics of my little behind bars...

"Oh, please don't go, we'll eat you up we love you so"
~ Where the Wild Things Are
I thought that when I saw her face in the picture below, I think that she was in fact sneezing!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Let There Be Light

The cold melted away this weekend and shed some much needed light into my kitchen. I took pictures of everything it hit.Like the wood stove kettle from the farm
The light trying to catch Libby, but it's not quite there yet
and closer still.
It was so pretty and warm, the light that is, but she is too.

"Blessed are the cracks, for they let in the light!"

Friday, February 6, 2009

Glad Tiddings

"I'm offering up all my baskets of laundry, midnight nursings and sniffs of baby neck as worship to my King."
~Quote from a blog I stalk

I wish these words were my own, but since they are not I will say thank you to the mom who wrote them and reminded me that my life, no matter how much stinky stuff I have to clean up, has purpose!
Hard nights make my back hurt, head hurt, heart hurt. So in a moment of frustration I sat down with Libby and was led to some worship music on You Tube. Amazing Love began ringing in my ears ..."and it's my JOY to honor you, in ALL I do..." and one by one tears started to fall from my own eyes and stopped flowing from her's, Gus stopped running around in circles, and peace settled on my household..
True, Amazing love!

The Court Jester napping earlier. Her throw back to Medieval times forced me to take her picture and risk waking her up

Chinese Crested

http://www.pedigree.co.nz/breeds/default.asp?b=53&p=c&pp= (picture reference for you Mrs. Albee)

Last night after laying in bed for what seemed like hours I wandered down to the sofa bed, dressed it with sheets and a comforter and climbed in. Sleeping in our bedroom minus Kevin doesn't work well so I thought a change in location would do me good. It was at this time, whatever time it was, that my mind became fixated by the Eukanuba Dog Show and I decided that if I were a dog I would be a Chinese Crested(with baby weight :) They're just a little bit wacky, which I am sure that after spending days trapped inside with a dog, a cat, and a cute baby I have become...as if I wasn't already. I knew that it had been too long that I hadn't left the house the other day when Kevin came home from work and offered to go to my nemesis, Walmart, for me and before he could finish the statement "I'll go hone..." I jumped all over him and said "no really, I'll go, you stay home!" He has be taking the car this week due to sub freezing, or maybe just freezing, temperatures and a nasty sore throat, and I bid him to do so, b/c let's face it, I really didn't want to bundle little Libs up to face this cold. So home is where we have stayed. Now he is off gallivanting in FL(and when I say gallivanting I mean working hard so that this Mommy can stay at home and raise his daughter)and here we are, one napping girl and a tired, lonely Mama....however, don't feel sorry for me just yet, my hands have not been idol in these days of just home. Here is what has been consuming me, and it is not house work! These are a sampling of Libby's Baby Book! I am insane, it would have been cheaper and faster to buy a baby book, and I probably could have just walked away from it gracefully, this book however took over my life for the last two weeks. God bless my future children, for they will always think that I loved Libby the most b/c I'll never be able to do this again! Anyhow, I'm finished up to month 2 of her life, I have not done a page for any first Holidays or first outings, the list goes on and on and the book is not big enough to hold all I want her to know about her first year of life. I have pushed it aside to start on Baby Christian's painting which might shape up to be pretty cute, if I can finish them before he arrives.
So why, might you ask yourself, do I do all of this? The answer is I'm a Chinese Crested, just a little bit wacky, and after last night, maybe over tired!

Start at the bottom and look up, that is the order they are in from the book!

This page was made by Grandma Jones and was part of what inspired me. The picture on this page was Libby's first. She still looks squished!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love Hate

With each passing day their relationship grows stronger. Although, I have not had my camera ready when Trouble sneaks up to investigate Libby, I have high hopes that one day these two will be the best of friends. Until then, shots like this one is all I have to prove of their growing affection for one another. She stares at him and he stares at her. Sometimes their noses touch until Trouble realizes that I am witnessing him being affectionate to my little and he runs away. He is never far from where she is though, however most of the time it is from a distance that he wonders about her. He's a mystery, that cat, as she is a mystery to him no doubt!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stick 'Em Up

ummm. I got shot.
I'm okay though.
I tried to tell the lion,
But he just looked at me with that silly grin on his face.
So I hugged Bernie instead..
I'm never going to that pediatrician again, 4 times they shot me and my doctor told me I had thunder thighs.
I'm starting therapy tomorrow. For now it's Tylenol and nap city.