Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree Part 2

I know that I already wrote about our Christmas Tree, but I thought it was worth mentioning again because the lead up excitement to decorating it was huge!  Every kid in my house asked everyday, can we decorate now, can decorate now, can we decorate now?  This went on right up until the moment of actually decorating, when one child ask why I never let her have play dates with so and so.  I gently responded, BECAUSE WE ARE DECORATING THE TREE, REMEMBER THE THING YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING TO EVERY THREE MINUTES SINCE FRIDAY.  There was one point that I looked up and realized that I was the only one in the room decorating.  
Ah family togetherness. 
Tonight, I remembered that I had taken a few pictures of the joyous event.  I think they'll paint the picture nicely of how we gathered as a family to make a beautiful Christmas memory.   I don't know which picture is my favorite, the partially lit tree, or Cooper lying on the floor expressing himself.  You pick!

Holly jolly friends!  I'll try to snap some better pictures tomorrow.


Sandra said...

I think these pictures all tell the true story of family life.

Art Teacher's Mom said...

Exhaustion, excitement and anticipation of a "long-awaited" activity can somehow rob all of us of our joy. Keep it simple. The birth of Jesus was huge... that it took place in a stable with the animals kept it lowly and simple...all for the Glory of God!