Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day 7: Morning Time

Life. Is. Busy.

So busy that no good words are coming out tonight. I keep typing and back spacing.  I'm trying to make space for all that I have going in my head, but not able to squeeze out any worthwhile thoughts.

This old blog used to be a space for me to pour out every feeling I had, but by the time I get  around to tapping out these Christmas posts, it is late and all I can think is "I am so tired, take me to my bed."  I actually think I wept when I finally laid down last night.

Since it is much the same tonight-late, I'll leave you with these pictures from morning time.  Everyone woke up happy today.  We played a round of Christmas memory, read a sweet story called "The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy for Christmas" and recited  phonics and math flash cards....

Life is busy, but life is good and we are blessed.  Please don't ever confusing my tired state of mind as complaining.

Yes!  It's good.

Grace Peace and Rest

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