Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Need Christmas Decorations Up ASAP

When did it become okay to decorate for Christmas the minute Halloween was over? My husband is really rubbing off on me because I generally can not even think about Christmas until Thanksgiving is past.
 As soon as that turkey is sliced I am ready to go though.  Move on over pilgrims I need a Christmas tree up in my house, or a stocking, or some mistletoe.
 Here in lies the problem.  I am afraid of the attic.  I wrote about it last year and I feel like saying it again is not over doing it.  Every time  I go into the attic I watch my life flash before my eyes, and not just because the stairs are unnaturally steep, there is the headless baby doll, and now apparently a rat.
 I know that is not how the story goes.  There's a mouse at Christmas time, not a rat.  He was up there in the fall and I'm hoping he's gone now.  As for me, I went up in the attic to get a jack-o-lantern at the beginning of October and haven't been back since.  But I really need a nativity set or something decorating my shelves.  Something that has a little warm glow to it, so that I can sit by it at night when I'm not blogging. I'm going to make Kev a "to-do" list.
1. Get down a decoration that glows
2.  Kill rat
3.  Remove headless baby doll from the attic (she's up there and she doesn't belong to us. Creepy)
Until then, "Not a creature was stirring, not even a rat." 
Or something like that.
Grace and Peace


Art Teacher's Mom said...

Gussie-boy seems to be enjoying his snooze by the cozy Christmas lights. Thanks for the new post and photos. BTW...send Trouble to attic to get rid of rhodent.

Laura said...

seriously. Trouble should get in there first. He will take care of you (and it)

Sandra said...

I can't think why no one ever thought of giving the job to Trouble before - he is always catching something!

Mommas Muse said...

This! Especially the part about removing the headless
Baby doll! Hahaha!