Friday, June 20, 2014

June: It's A Big Month

 Sometimes I cease to remind myself of all the sacrifices that Kevin Jones has made for me.  When June rolls around I get three days right in a row that say, be thankful for this man, be thankful for this man, be thankful this man.
Father's Day

People make declarations  for their spouses on social media these days.  It made me chuckle this year because everyone said that their husband was the best father ever, along with many other well deserved compliments.  I joked with Kev that I was going to write something sarcastic about him on Facebook like, "Happy Father's Day Kev, you're hanging in there," or "maybe you'll get the hang of parenting next year."  I didn't though, I feared some well meaning church folk would find my joke less than respectful.

The truth is, he's not perfect.  He is however, mine and I couldn't be more proud of that fact.  What most people do not realize when the meet us is that  he gave up everything he knew, everything he was comfortable with, friends, family, culture, even something as simple as food to build a life with me.
With me!
That is huge.  Who does that?  It's scary, it's crazy, I still can't believe he did it.
No, he's not perfect. He is human, he is patient, he is kind, he is hard working, he is adventurous, and he loves us well.  How about that for well deserved compliments.


Laura said...

He is good one, that Kevin John Jones.

Sandra said...

Can't argue with Laura's comment!