Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maggie in the Middle

Maggie:  "One day I will be a mama and one day Libby will be a mama and Daddy will be a daddy."

Mommy: " Yes, Maggie that is true"

They are getting a lot of mothering practice on their baby brother.

 Maggie:  "Mommy my hair is worn out"
(I made her wear a pony tail and she decided it was time to take it down)
 Maggie: "My plate is grapestown"
Her view of her plate upon realizing she had eaten everything but her grapes.
Three year olds say the best things.
She is so funny.
I think I'll keep her forever.

Grace and Peace


Laura said...

I am pretty sure my hair is always worn out too, Mags!

Sandra said...

I love the pictures of Libby and Maggie gaining parenting skills with Cooper - the picture of Maggie smiling - in fact I love all the pictures of all of them!

Art Teacher's Mom said...

Ditto on Sandra's comments. Keep the pictures coming.