Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Milestones and Such

I don't think that I have recorded any of our Tiny Son's milestones like I did with his big sisters.  I'll just say that he turned four months old and before I could blink he turned 5 months old.  He can do a lot of great things right now like shake toys violently (he is far more interested in playing than I ever remember Libby and Maggie being at this age), coo and baby jabber like a pro, and nuzzles his head in your chest to make you feel loved.  He also started to really sit up on his own right around 5 months old.  He is teething.  I knew that his teeth were doing some work, but today I think that I finally felt one poking through.  I was happy and sad all at the same time because while one's first tooth is a momentous thing, I will miss that gummy smile so.
Cooper is an easy going baby.  He responds well to routines just like his Dad, but is also adaptable to change because he's the third child in this family which means he has no routine.  He loves to laugh and smile.  I know that they are my children, but when the Jones children smile the room lights up.  All three of them smile with their whole self and I love this about them. They are so beautiful to me.
I went out to run some errands the other night and when I came home Kevin had replaced the cradle by my bed for the larger crib and my heart constricted just a little, I swallowed hard and then smiled.  I doubt I'll use my sister's cradle again, but I'm thankful for these five months of seeing my little son in it every morning.  He smiles in the morning too.  It is such a nice greeting after a good nights sleep.
I have so many things that I could blog about, and even more pictures than I know what to do with.  I made a video  mostly because the video makes the pictures more interesting then they actually are, but also because I NEVER GET TIME TO WRITE ANYMORE, and even when I do I have writers block.  I used to be so creative...What has become of me?
Most of these pictures are from around Valentine's Day.  I love this holiday, (I know that most people don't care much for it), but I love celebrating love and I really love pink and red together.  Actually, I love having a reason to use my heart shaped cookie cutters for everything we eat on that day.  For some reason, I clearly remember one of the V-day's that Kev and I spent apart.  He had sent me a card and two stuffed bears I think.  I watched Breakfast At Tiffany's by myself that year and I think I had a pity party.  Sometimes I can't believe I'm here now with him and these lovely little things we call ours.
I add that random story at no extra charge to you, it just popped into my head instead of something useful.
Here's the video of my little loves...


Laura said...

I seriously love him!

Sandra said...

I'm not sure about pink and red together but am all for celebrating love.
Am looking forward to seeing all 3 smiling faces soon

Art Teacher's Mom said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the video. Can I have a copy of each picture?

Sandra said...

Ditto to your Mum's rquest!

Mommas Muse said...

Loved the video. Heartwarming!