Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's A Little Like Deja vu

When Cooper was waiting long past the doctor's due date to come into the world, I never actually thought he would be born on Libby's birthday.  By the time it became a real possibility I was out of time to fully absorb what that meant. My initial thought was, birthday parties just got a little bit trickier.  What I failed to realize is that I have been given a unique gift.  Memories of mothering for the first time have been flooding back to me since Cooper was born.  I remember my darling girl in a way that  that I have forgotten.  Not completely forgotten, but sometimes in the day to day training process, I forget that she was a bundle of rolls that changed my view of the world.  Daily I remember something special about baby Liberty and it is precious.  Something tells me, (it's my husband) that Cooper is our last baby.  I thought that if I knew this fact it would hurt more.  Hurt in those Mommy caverns that are formed on my heart.  Mostly though, it just makes me grateful.  Grateful for the for the heavenly appointed gift of motherhood.
Here are some pictures of Libby and Cooper around 5 months old.  

Grace and Peace

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Sandra said...

They really are so much alike - all Cooper needs is a head squisher!