Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Day We Taught Him To Jump

Life comes with so many distractions these days.  I am especially susceptible to these distractions.  I have to
practice a lot of self discipline to stay on task throughout the day, so that the girls don't dress the dog like a princess and strap the cat to the rocking horse while I'm off in la-la land being distracted.  Despite all these distractions, the one that I have never regretted is spending time here, on this blog, recording our day to day, their childhood, how I felt about each one of them at certain times.

On this day, I took the reclined baby seat out of the kitchen and replaced it with a baby jumping seat.  His sisters taught him to jump and he was mesmerized by their every move.  Even though he cried the first time we tried it out, with the help of his teachers he loved it by the end of the day.

Memory recorded.


Sandra said...

I am also pleased to see you recording their achievements in your blog. I love the way Libby is checking that Coopers feet leave the ground when he jumps and the energy Maggie puts into demonstrating the art of jumping.

Art Teacher's Mom said...

I love the way Cooper looks adoringly at his's really evident in the picture with Libby. I especially like the way you managed to catch both girls while "airborne" during the jumping demos.