Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Maggie will find out one day that her third birthday was not the spectacle that her sister's was.  I hoping that she will forgive me based on the fact that we still don't really know anyone here.

This is what three looks like right after you left two

This is what a big sister looks like trying to talk the birthday girl into giving up her new presents

 We had a great day together even though there were no favors in mason jars or cupcakes with frilly tags.  There was a Carvel ice cream cake and life really doesn't get much better than a slice of ice cream cake. Unless your name is Maggie Jones and it is your third birthday and Mommy makes an executive decision that everyone should have seconds.  It was delicious.

Kev went into work late so that she could open her gifts in the morning.  Then he and his sweet little 3 year old had a tea party together before he had to leave us.  Maggie serves up a fantastic imaginary tea party.
 I took the kids to a movie in the afternoon as a special birthday treat and then out to lunch.  Since doing this, Libby has asked several times to stay home from school.  I think she thinks that Maggie, Cooper and I go to the movies and out to lunch all the time and that she is missing something.  What she doesn't realize is that actually we are just folding laundry and washing breakfast dishes.
I have a three year old again, and I am thankful for her life.  I am  thankful for her little lip that quivers if my voice is anything but kind. I'm thankful that she tells me all the time that I am her best friend. I'm thankful that she is brave (which is a big deal because she is very shy).  I am thankful that she sings all the time, very loudly.  She is smart, she notices things, she has dimples and ringlets.


Sandra said...

Maggie had a special day on her Birthday and I'm sure she will not hold it against you that there was no party.
If you get a prolonged cold spell can we expect a lot more blog entries?

Art Teacher's Mom said...

From Maggie's expressions, I would say she had a very fine day. Quite happy to see new pictures. :)

Lisa said...

The tea party pics!!! I'm dying!!! Love!!!