Friday, December 13, 2013


I missed yesterday's post because we missed Santa in Richmond so much that we drove there to see him and didn't come home until late last night.

Actually, our visit to Richmond was two-fold, one was to see our favorite Santa, and the other was to say goodbye to our some of our favorite friends one more time before they move away.

I think that this was Libby's 5th time to see the same Santa Clause.
I told Mr. Clause that we come back every year to see him and that we also noticed that he shopped at the same grocery store as us when we lived there.  He thanked me for always bringing the kids to see him, and assured Libby that when we saw him in Martin's in April, he was just on vacation.

Whatever your opinion of Santa at Christmas is, this one in particular is a very nice fellow.  You can see at least  3 of our visits to see him  2010, 2011, 2012.  I know that we brought her to see this Santa all five years but I don't have a digital picture from 2008 and after this experience in 2009 we just looked at him from a distance.
Mags was afraid at first, but as soon as he talked to her she decided to befriend him and told him very clearly she wanted a kitchen for Christmas.  She would not sit on his lap.  I don't blame her, it is a strange practice.  Instead, I just held her near to him.

Baby son, didn't mind sitting with Santa one bit, but if Santa had known what he did to his onsie, he might have minded holding baby son.  Sorry about that Santa.
Hohoho!  Merry Twismas (that's how Maggie says it and it is really cute).


Sandra said...

Couldn't Santa find room for you on his knee?

Art Teacher's Mom said...

This blog made me smile...Libby looks very comfortable chatting with Santa. I'm glad you got that good picture of the girls and Robbie. Sad that the Mason's are moving so far away.