Sunday, December 15, 2013

3 Months

For Cooper's 3 month old birthday my Dad introduced him to American football.

Gussy Boy, being English himself, was highly disturbed by this.

He tried to pretend like he wasn't watching, but in the end the game even grabbed his attention.

My parents flew down this weekend to go to Libby's preschool Christmas program and to babysit for us while we attended Kevin's work Christmas party (it was last night which is why I didn't get a chance to post yesterday).

You can have a prize if you can find Libby in the picture above or if you can count the number of  proud preschool parents with their smart phones held high.  
This is Libs and one of her favorite friends.
 And here is a picture of her and her sister that is blurry because they refused to stand still, because they had punch and cookies, and more punch and cookies, oh my!

Before I head to bed here are two more from Cooper's birthday, Babs teaching him how to send text messages.  Which is interesting since she only learned to send texts herself recently ;).

 And he and Grandad one more time...The men in this family have to stick together.  They are out numbered by the girls.

I don't ever remember three months going by so fast.
One of my favorite things about our babies is how perfectly they develop rolls...look how well Coop's are coming along.  Delicious!
Grace and Peace


Sandra said...

Not sure who is most interested in the American Football, Gus does appear to be watching very closely!
As for Libby - my guess is she is the little girl in the second row with her hands up in the air - just to the right of the center. So wish I could have seen the performance.
Hope you and Kevin enjoyed the work Christmas party this year - and you didn't drink too much!

Art Teacher's Mom said...

Your Dad actually looks better than he was feeling after eating all of his lunch at the Cheesecake factory. :) The pictures are really good. I like how Gus seems to be so attentive to the game also. :)Happy 3-month Birthday to Cooper.