Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11 Days

That is how long it has taken us to decorate our house this year for Christmas.  I would say that we are still not done. There is a pile of lights by the mantle and there is garland on the floor in the dinning room.   Every day we find another box of decorations (by "we" I mean "I"). Today I found the box of outdoor decorations.  I don't think we actually had plans to decorate outside this year, but since I found them I decided to brighten up our street.

 I made a big deal about lighting the outdoor lights tonight and made everyone put on hats and coats  to go out to see them.  If I had not been yelling at the dog to come home I would have done a little Ellen Griswold drum roll, and Kev would have broken into his own Clark version of "Joy to the World"...we'll do that next year.

I'm going to decorate in November next year.  It is a lot of work for 3 weeks.  
Ojf to bed with out a long story tonight.  Christmas curfew got put into effect again. :)
Grace and Peace

On a side note, I just posted this entry, and realized how much I love that picture of Cooper and Kevin at the top.  Tiny son is so safe in his father's arms that literally every time Kev holds him he falls asleep.  He has had this effect on all of our children.  I can remember both of the girls falling asleep in the middle of parties because Kevin was holding them.  It is his strong arms and steady heart, they comfort me too.  Lucky girl I am to have been paired with such a man.


Sandra said...

I'm not sure that Cooper looks terribly impressed with the lights outside but the girls looked excited at the prospect of the big switch on!

Art Teacher's Mom said...

I agree with Sandra regarding Cooper's interest. Such fun for the little girls making memories. It just seems like yesterday that you and Amy were that age....