Thursday, November 7, 2013

Every Detail

Tiny son, I will never get tired of the way your little body fits with mine when I hold you.  Like a missing puzzle piece you were meant to be mine and I yours.
Loving you is effortless.
Waking up with you is my joy.
Swaying back and forth with you in my arms is a gift.
Tiny son, what a surprising necessity you are to this family.
Your presence calms me.
You are making your Mama sweeter with your sweetness.
You are teaching two little girls to be little mothers.

We didn't know how badly we needed you in this family.
Tiny son, I am so thankful that you are mine.


Sandra said...

I think all the family, including the Grandparents, are so pleased to have Cooper as part of the family - he is adorable.

Art Teacher's Mom said...

Ditto on Sandra's comment. His head is shaped so nice. He looks to be a baby who is easy to cuddle.