Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Lovely Place To Walk In A Busy City

We have been in Va Beach for several months now.  I would be lying if I told you that I love it here.  Everywhere you go there are people and traffic and red lights.
Horns honking.
Lane changing.
Lots and lots of cars.
You understand what I am saying?
It is busy.

There is a part of me, deep in the core of who I have always been who loves wide open space.  A dirt road, a field of tall grass, trees with chunky limbs that invite you to climb them, mountains topped with spruce trees that point heavenward.
None of these things are around the corner from us here.
Deep in the core of the one God paired me with, is a man who needs adventure and outdoors and fresh air.
My husband has a knack for finding places off the beaten trail.  He found this little nook of loveliness just down the road from our house.

Who knew that tucked between beach houses and condos was a patch of earth claimed by the city to protect it from developers.
Thank you City of Va Beach for caring about natural places and wild things.

While I'm not in love with the place that we live, I do love the reason why we live here.  My family actually gets to spend real time together.  We find "abentures" as my darling Littlest says.

The best part about these pictures is that you will find that all of the Jones got their picture taken, because we were all here.  We weren't trying to make it on our own without Daddy and Daddy wasn't trying to make it on his own without us.
I'm so thankful we live in this congested city.
Here are the girls making friends with some fisherman.
I wish that this shirt came in my size.  I would wear it everyday.
Kev has a really nice smile.  He kind of tilts his head back and closes his eyes for a second when he smiles.  I don't think I'll ever catch him doing this for a picture. For pictures he only offers me the "why are you making me stop to take a picture face."
This last picture I give you as gift, because if she doesn't make you smile I don't know what will.  Maggie Bell, sweetest girl I know.  Corkscrew curls, dimpled cheeks, and deep blue gift to you.
Grace and Peace


Sandra said...

Definitely a great place for a walk and lovely to see you all together having adventures.
Thanks for all the pictures - especially the last one of Maggie which certainly made me smile!

Mommas Muse said...

When we moved to Short Pump, I felt out of touch with city life. It was hard to feel like I had a place to relax, exhale and enjoy the outdoors. One day, Izzy and I went on a walk and I found an empty soccer field filled with trees and no one. It was as if God was saying, "Here's your peaceful place for a little while." Im very glad God has given you a peaceful place in the midst of a very busy city.

Trevor said...

Awesome last shot of Mags!