Monday, March 18, 2013

Muddy Buddies

I was all set to write a post about how I had the best of intentions of today being a great day, but somewhere between the dog eating Maggie's lunch off the counter and surveying the battle ground that is my living room, I lost it.  I don't want to remember that today was cloudy and grey  (although, just out of interest last year was much warmer based on this history of this blog), I want to remember  that today we started the letter Q.  I told the girls that if they were very QUIET, they might spot a QUAIL, in the backyard.

Between you and me, we live in a residential area and the chances of a quail passing our way is very slim.  Moments later my Little ran to me with excitement in her eyes and said "Mommy, you must come and see, there is a quail at the bird feeder."  "Really," says I, "what color quail is it?"  "It's pink."  Of course I was very interested in a pink quail at our bird feeder. Upon further investigation I discovered a young cardinal had rested on our feeder   Being the good Mama-teacher that I am, I didn't have the heart to tell her the truth about her bird spot.

 I want to remember that despite my lack of pictures, Libby chose her outfits for two birthday parties we attended this weekend.  For the first party we were encourage to dress like pirates.  She spent the majority of Friday afternoon convincing me that her Neapolitan colored, taffeta church dress was "piratey".  Her word, not mine.  After trying to talk her into wearing an eye patch and a bandanna I decided to let her go with the dress because when I really listen to her, I can hear myself, and when I was four years old, I would have chosen the frilly dress too.  For the second party she chose a red velvet hand-me-down Christmas dress that one of my nieces wore several years ago.   I forgot about it this Christmas, so the Little thought it was perfect for Juney's first birthday.  In her own words, "Mommy, June-bug will love my dress for her party."

I don't want to forget that one day last week the temperature was 63 degrees and I let my daughters play in the mud.  I really just took them outside to enjoy the afternoon sun.  They found the water and mud all on their own.  We have had a shortage of nice days so I just let them take full advantage of this one.  By the time  we came inside even Maggie's diaper was muddy.  It was a beautiful mess.

  Yes, the mixed the water in their boots.  It took a whole day for them to dry out.
 Laura asked me if Maggie's hair is growing down, or just out?  I'm pretty sure that it is just growing out.  It does fabulous things with just a little bit of moisture in the air.

Note to self, remember the good things.  Do the good things.  Write the good things.  Cherish the good things...
Little girls who love a pretty party dress, but also love a good romp through the mud.  That is a good thing.
Grace and peace

One more thing.  Speaking of Laura, she told me the other day that she scrolled through this blog all the way back to when Libby was a baby and that Libby was all grown up now with no trace of that baby left.  I told her that I agreed, but there is one picture that makes remember that first baby of mine because to this day she looks up at me the very the same way...This picture right here...

I still know this girl, same big eyes that look up at me every morning.  Love that girl, all four and half years of her and more.
That is all.


Sandra said...

So great to see the girls enjoying themselves in all that mud. At that age Kevin and Trevor were never happier than when they were getting dirty! Thank goodness for baths and washing machines to get everyone and everything clean again.

Laura said...

Carly, you are so right. I do see Libby here!!!!

Laura said...

Carly, you are so right. I do see Libby here!!!!