Thursday, December 6, 2012


Wowzers!  I should beg for comments more often.  How blessed I was by each of your sweet words!  I grinned from ear to ear when I read each one.  Thank you for leaving them, and thanks for stalking!  It is one of my favorite pass times and one of the reasons why I am so late posting tonight.
I wish that I had some clarity tonight in what I should write, but my thoughts are really all over the place.  I actually just wasted 15 more minutes looking at old pictures.
Here is one of them.
Look how young we were.
I miss him.
He has been away for a week now, and he has been incredibly busy for even longer, and I think I forgot what he looks like.
Focus Car!
I love these pics of my ladies on the blanket out back with their coloring books and crayons.  When they were littler (Making Art Again circa 2011) I would take a blanket out back for them to sit on while I read to them, I love that they did this on all on their own.  I was in the house tidying up and grabbed my camera quick as I could before the moment was lost.
December 6th, today's job on the girl's countdown was to watch a video for our Bead For Life party we are having tomorrow night.  One of the ladies in the video thanked us for selling her beads and invited us into her home to "share together because we are all sisters from the same mother."  
Isn't that a beautiful picture, sisters tied to together by one common thread.  She also said "thanks be to God for you."  Then she danced to music that was made to be danced to, then my ladies started dancing and I knew that even if I don't sell any beads tomorrow night my purpose is accomplished, we saw something beyond ourselves this Christmas season.   
They connected with this woman from Uganda and it was precious and joyful and as life should be..All this happened in our little office, but it touched me and made me wish I was dancing with these beautiful woman in Uganda.  I am always amazed that when I set out to do a "good work" to bless someone else, I am the one that ends up being blessed... God is amazing (to quote my darling cousin Jill).

Tomorrow we sell beads.  I warmly welcome you to my home if you live near our corner of this world.  Join us for, you guessed it, hot chocolate (I think that I have said "hot chocolate" in every one of my December posts) and nibbles and connecting with our sisters from the same mother of long ago...
Merry Christmas friends,

Grace and Peace to you.


Jill said...

I cried.

Dawn said...

Your blogs always touch my heart!! I don't comment enough but know you bring happy tears to my eyes each and every week. xoxo

Art Teacher's Mom said...

Make the most of every day. Serve God and others and keep the precious photos coming for all of the out-of-town (out of the country) grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. Oh that Christmas joy could last all year. :)

Laura said...

I so wish I could be at the beads party tonight. PLEASE, loads of instagram pics!!!

Andrea said...

So sweet!