Monday, December 24, 2012

O Come Immanuel

I typed out several different lines tonight but it all sounds like the ramblings of a woman that stayed up too late wrapping presents last night...I think itis time for me to go dream of visions of sugar plums.
Christmas 2012 stired something new in my heart...Something that has been their all along, but went just a little deeper this year.  Quietly one winter's night He came came down to us and bc of it we have this magical time of year called Christmas.  Though he is with us every day in our hearts, we long for him to come again and take us to the life we were always meant to have.  We do so much to make this time of year special, we cling to time with family, we make everything around  us more beautiful...I think it is because in our hearts we long for a time and place that will be even more wonderful than even the most picture perfect Christmas we can create. 
Our hearts crave Immanuel and for the day he will come to restore his people in glory...
O come Immanuel.

Happy Christmas Friends...thanks for sticking with me this year.
and always...
Grace and Peace

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