Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

I can't let go of 2012 just yet.
I can't let go until I document how beautiful this Christmas was.
This Christmas, as a special treat to my parents, they had Amy, Carly, Matt, Sidney, Allison, Kevin, Libby, Christian, and Maggie all under their roof at the same time. (That is the order in which each family arrived into the Bennett clan).

I imagine that for them Christmas couldn't get much more perfect.  I didn't want our week to end.  There was family meals around the table and present carnage everywhere you looked.  There was screaming and squealing, and poor sleep at night.  There were hugs, there was laughter, and of course when I squeezed my sister goodbye there were tears.

Christmas Eve morning we woke at our house for a Jones family Christmas.  The girls might have been at the perfect Christmas age this year, squealing with delight at every package.  Little Mags tried on every clothing item as she open it.  Kev was in charge of pictures and opted to not take a picture of Libby's face when she saw her big present...What?  I was holding her so I couldn't see her face, so I and you will never know her exact reaction to the humongous doll's house she received courtesy of Grandma.
Gus demolished his gift in about ten minutes

Trouble liked his gift as well...

I feel like there should be tons of words that I should write about how wonderful our Christmas was, but the longer I sit here, the more I keep flipping through the pictures.  I get choked up and wish we had just one more day to sit with them, to laugh with them, to just be together without agendas or plans or an entire country between us.

I am very aware that this time with my little ones is so fleeting, and that time with my family  is precious.

So in my lack of creative writing in this post, I'll say Merry Christmas one last time until next year, and Happy New Year to you all.

Grace and Peace

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