Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's All In the Goodbye

The first time I had to say goodbye to  Kevin, I felt like I couldn't breath...The next time  we had to say goodbye, after I was sure that I loved him, we were holding on tight in front of the security gate at Heathrow and the only word I could mutter was "no" when he tried to let go of me.
I've never been very good at goodbyes.  When my parents would take me to the airport after Christmas break in college, they would stand outside security waving until they couldn't see me anymore and I would cry the entire walk to my gate.

This weekend after a few, fun days with my sister and her family, we had to say goodbye, which is actually a pretty normal thing for us.  We've lived apart for a while now, so we've always just had a of couple days here and there, but this time felt so different.  They are moving Cali in just a week or two, and I suppose that was that last time we'll see them  until Christmas...maybe. 
 For years I have secretly prayed that one day we would live so close that we could grab lunch together spur of the moment.  If you knew my sister you would want to grab lunch with her too, she's everything I've ever wanted to be, she's almost perfect. 

It was no surprise to me that when her little girls hugged me goodbye, I totally lost it, like couldn't gain my composure lost it, and then my sister cried, which she never does, so I cried some more.
I hate goodbye...parting is such sweet sorrow.
My theory is that, which I've mentioned before, if we lived near those people that we love so much, and saw them every day, the times we spent with them wouldn't be nearly as special. At least that is what I tell myself to make me feel better when I am forced to endure another sad goodbye with the ones I love.
Goodbye dear readers....see saying that was hard for me!  Really I promise a happy post is on it's way and seriously, if pictures of these kiddos don't make you smile, I don't know what will. Who comes to this blog to read anyway?'s all just ramblings of a lazy house wife!
Grace and peace, here's hoping your goodbyes are few and far between.


Ane Oti said...

I know exactly how you feel. But is good to miss someone, when you get together again you'll cherish those moments even more.

Lisa A said...

Yay! I get excited when I come to your page and see a new posting! :) LOVE those pics! The ones of everyone all patriotic are precious, and the one of the girls in the pool is a definite framer. At least you will have a reason to go to Cali now! I would love to have a reason to go! :)

Laura said...


This is too sad.

Happy post really soon, please.

Amy and Matt, praying that your time in Cali is precious and that you love every minute of the weather, the sun, and total reliance on your Savior!

The Herrenbrucks said...

aw, hate that you had to say goodbye again...but excited for your sis and fam as they start a new adventure for the LORD! those pics are all amazing - wow - that whole family shot is so great! the days are drawing near when i get to see you!

Jan said...

I cried all the way through this. I feel your pain. I know what it is to have loved ones so far away.

What a great family picture... I would have that made poster size and hang it in my livingroom!!

I too am looking forward to a happy post. I have been worried about you since I check your blog everyday and there have been no updates. I even emailed you and did not hear from you. I thought for sure you were still sick with that Rocky Mountain stuff.

Glad you are back.

Love you,

Mel said...

so the answer must lie in moving to California as well because everyone is doing it :)

Jill said...

Way to make me cry Car. I was trying to ignore the fact that they're moving. I LOVE these pictures though and can't believe that you got everyone to be happy in the last one. Astonishing really.

Beth K said...

Beautiful, sweet, and sad! You are such an amazing writer, Carly! Seriously, you need to write a book!

Gorgeous pictures too!

Hoping your day gets brighter soon!

Laura said...

PS I forgot to mention that I love Sidney's faces in all the photos... crack me right up!

Amy White said...

Love you Sister!!! I think you almost made me cry again. :) Goodbyes are definitely never easy, but I am looking forward to when we will see you again. Loved our time together and watching our little ones play together...such a fun trip! Love, love, love the pictures...many memories!!! Most of all love you all. Tons of hugs and kisses. ~Amy
P.S. found some of the boxes from when you helped pack last time, and all the crazy notes...made us laugh! :)