Saturday, December 3, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree

We have the most beautiful Christmas tree this year.  It is sitting in our living room with no lights and  only the bottom half decorated.  We might get it decorated by December 24th. Maybe.  We also have to demo the kitchen, do the laundry, close out my business for the year, educate children, go grocery shopping, and the list goes on and on.

We promised the kids on Wednesday night that we would take them to get a tree, but that fell through.  Then we promised to take them on Thursday night which also fell through.  Friday night we were really tired, but we sucked it up and took them anyway, and had a great time.  The kids ran through the labyrinth of tress, too excited to actually help us pick one.

They hid behind the giants and claimed they wanted the small ones all for themselves.  To make their night even more special, right before we finally picked our tree, our friends pulled up  to pick their's!  So what was already a fun night, turned into a Christmas Tree picking party!

Happy tree trimming folks...I hope that ours will get there eventually.

Grace and Peace


Anonymous said...

Christmas tree much fun!

Anonymous said...

That's from me--lol! Love, Your Favorite Sister

Art Teacher's Mom said...

The tree looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the decorations. Love the pictures.