Friday, December 2, 2016

Any Excuse To Get Dressed Up: Day 2

My sister told me that when we were little my Mom took us to see the Nutcracker.  I might have a vague recollection of this but it's a fuzzy memory at best .  Today, I took Libby and Maggie to see the Richmond Ballet and Virginia Symphony Orchestra perform their rendition of the Nutcracker.  It was so beautiful.  I wish I had a picture to show you because everything from the costumes, the set design, the dancers, everything was beautiful.  By the end of the second act, Maggie was twisting in her chair and asking for a snack, but other than that, it was perfect. The girls favorite part was when the little brother in the beginning of  the ballet gets a spanking for being naughty.  My favorite part was the Snow Queen and King dance with the Snowflakes.  Here are a couple pictures I snapped of the girls before we left this morning.  They were excited to wear their Christmas dresses for this year.

December is off with a bang.  We got a Christmas tree tonight and I'm happy to report, there was no repeat of last year.  I'll save the Christmas tree story for another night.

Grace and Peace


Sandra said...

The girls must have been so excited,so pleased you all enjoyed the experience. The Christmas dresses make them look very grown up.

Laura said...

I want their Christmas outfits in my size!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I can help fill in the blanks of your childhood! :) I'm so glad that you got to take the girls!!! <3

Art Teacheer's Mom said...

And don't forget the Vienna Boys Choir when our seats were up in the rafters. You and Amy were a little older for that event. Libby & Maggie look adorable in their Christmas dresses with the pearls.