Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9: Four Minutes Before Midnight

I wanted Libby to write this post.

You see, we made Peppermint Bark today because, just like White Christmas, it's a tradition at our house.  The idea for her to write it came to me while she was talking non-stop through the making process.  I still might have her type out the recipe for you.  I'm sure that she would have no problem telling you very detailed step-by-step instructions.

So since I don't want to steal her thunder about the peppermint bark I'll just tell you these five things:

1.  Libby's tooth fell out yesterday and the tooth fairy forgot to come.  Gasp!!!!

2.  Our second Beta fish died this week.  Which caused Libby to make this statement "Why??? Are all these bad things happening to me, the Tooth Fairy forgot me and my fish only lasted 4 1/2 days!"
We now have another Beta fish, creatively named Flip #3.  I won't lie, he's not looking to good.  I think that he was swimming sideways earlier.

3.  She wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy and invited her to a Jones Family Christmas (better known as Christmas Eve).  When I asked her if she was going to mention her forgetting her tooth, she said "No, I don't want her to feel bad about it."
What a girl that Liberty Jones.

4.  She also made a make-shift bedroom for the fairy to sleep in when she comes because she doesn't want her to have to fly home late at night.

5.  So now, the Tooth Fairy has to remember to take her tooth tonight (for the love, don't forget two nights in a row) and I she needs to remember to come back on Christmas Eve.

The Tooth Fairy has a lot going on right now.  Maybe I can remind her to write it in her planner.  I did try to tell Libby that the Tooth Fairy must be busy this time of year and that maybe a lot of children were losing their teeth.  Which went against what I told her about all children having their own Tooth Fairy after the fairy across the street left her friend a $20 and our fairy only leaves a dollar.

And that is why you shouldn't lie to your kids, because before you know it Santa, the Great Pumpkin, the Elf on the Shelf and the Tooth Fairy will all be invited to dinner.

On that note, I need to go see if the Tooth Fairy did her job tonight!

Happy Christmas


Art teacher's Mom said...

I'll write my comments when I stop laughing 😂

Laura said...

So funny.

Can't wait to read Lib's rendition of the Peppermint Bark recipe.

Sandra said...

Oh dear, poor Libby. I hope the tooth fairy remembered her last night and that she accepts the invitation to the Jones family Christmas.
I also hope Flip 3 is still swimming round in his bowl.