Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5th: Oh Christmas Tree Part 2

Having a Christmas tree with little kids around is a tricky business.  I feel like we are close to being done with the Christmas tree being a hazard for small people, but Cooper is a wee bit of a wild one.  I would say that we are currently working with 75% broken ornaments.  I still hang them broken and all. If someone robs us this Christmas we will be totally safe.  All we have to do is threaten them with one of the many jagged edges from our many broken Christmas ornaments.

Tonight, among other things, I caught Cooper doing the following:
1.  Hanging hooks on the tree with no ornaments attached.  The whole bottom half of the tree is just metal hooks
2.  Falling off the edge of the couch into tree.  My "Meet Me Under the Mooseltoe" ornament took a direct hit and lost his antlers in the fall.  
3.  Throwing small glass baubles at the top of the tree to try to get them to stay.  Nope, didn't stay.  Just came falling to floor and shattered.
4.  Eating my cinnamon gingerbread shaped ornaments (he regretted that choice)

 So, basically in the battle of decorate the tree vs Cooper, Cooper won.  And because I was trying to deflect his every move to save the  25% of good ornaments that we have, I am sleepy and plan on going to dream about sugarplums like my Maggie is doing here.

Tree is up.
Mantle is decorated.
Handless Baby Jesus and all the other handless people from the nativity are set up and we are ready to go!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

Happy Christmas xoxo


Sandra said...

I love the picture of Cooper in his Santa hat. Hard to believe he can cause so much mischief with your decorations. Do you expect any to survive in one piece to be put away for next year?
Was Maggie just tired or still feeling a bit poorly?

Art Teacher said...

No worries Grandma, she was just tired! It was pretty late by the time we got done :)

Art teacher's Mom said... small tree has several hooks also that coop was
content with hanging on the tree. I, too, love the picture of Cooper....
And also the one of sweet Maggie.

Laura said...

To be fair, one of the wise-men started with only one hand...