Monday, December 14, 2015

December 15th : Forgetting

The problem with writing a countdown to Christmas blog after you haven't wrote on it in a year is that you forget to write.
You also fail to take good picture
This past weekend has happened every December since I had Libby 7 years ago.  Mom and Dad come down to watch the kids so that Kev and I can go to his Christmas party. Every year Mom and I shop during the day, I rush home, get dressed for the party and feel sick the rest of the night because I've shopped all day and haven't eaten anything.  It's tradition.
On Friday night  we went to Maggie's school Christmas performance and because she is the second child, we have no picture of her performing, bless her.  I did manage to get a blurry picture of her exiting the stage.  I love school performances because of that moment when they take the stage and look for you.  Maggie's mission was to lock eyes with us and once she did, it was all smiles and full on waving through the rest of the show!  It's the best.
I'm off to bed, I just sat up addressing Christmas cards.  All that is left is put my Charlie Brown stamps on the front and they will officially be mailed before the 24th.
I have no presents for anyone, but that is another story.
Happy Christmas

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