Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I interupt this Christmas countdown to bring you Halloween.
Every now and then, I stay up past my bedtime and scroll through the pages of this blog to remember what life has been life like.  I stare at my kids and wish I could go back to the moments just for a second and remember them in their littleness.
Next year, when I'm up past my bedtime, I don't want to wonder what happen to 2014's Halloween.
Our theme was "things with wings."  I didn't mean to have a theme, it just panned out that way.

 We had a peacock, a monarch butterfly and an owl.  Because I like to torture myself I made the costumes again.  Every year I do this, and every year I ask myself why I don't just buy them.  Before you feel impressed by this, please know that these costume involved no sewing, very little money (because we had most of what we needed) and a lot of hot glue.

It was pretty cold Halloween night.  Maggie and Cooper didn't last very long before they were ready to come home.  I took Libby around the neighborhood and I don't ever want to forget how excited she was to run up to every house that had a light on.  Her energy was infectious.   When I would lag behind she would yell over her shoulder "Mommy, come ONNNNNN!  
And just so the record will show what a horrid mother I am, we convinced the children to choose ten of their favorite candies from their Halloween loot to keep and donate the rest to the soldiers who are deployed to countries that apparently don't have candy.  Our dentist gave them a dollar for every pound they donated.  I don't ever remember my mother being so cruel...However, I do remember the Halloween candy disappearing mysteriously before Christmas ever rolled around.  Hmmmm????
Merry Christmas and Happy Halloween too!
Grace and Peace


Art Teacher's Mom said...

Costumes are better than anything you could purchase. I think they had a great time and I doubt if they even missed the candy.

Sandra said...

They were great costumes - three cheers for the hot glue gun. Where would you be without it!