Tuesday, December 16, 2014

School Programs

Children's program's are a spectacle. Everyone wants to see their little one up close and personal.  Last year we arrived on time and got seats clear in the back of the room.  She was a mere speck on our camera lens we were so far away.  This year, I though we would be in the clear since her class needed to be there earlier than the other children to get prepare for the Nativity scene.  You can imagine my surprise when we arrived, on time again, and the parking lot was full...I think I said something like "crazy preschool parents."  
 Of course I'm one of them!
We got better seats this year, not quite so far back.  My girl was so proud to be a camel.  She got to make a camel noise and was pretty good at it.  Who new camels even made noise?  I didn't.  She was not happy about standing next to the shepherd, he was not happy about standing on stage at all.
 I love this moment that some how Kevin captured. It's the moment after they take the stage and she scans the audience trying to find us.  All the crazy parents are waving with both arms, or doing that loud finger whistle to get their kid's attention.  I just smile my big, proud smile, knowing that if she looks hard enough she'll find me.  When her eyes find mine, she does her shy smile which is so not in her nature, but comes out in moments like these.  I love that moment when she needs us  to be there for her and because we are proud of her she feels proud too.
She did a great job!  No wild dancing this year :)
 My cousin said something profound to me last Christmas about children's performances and I tried to remember it this year.  He said that all those videos we take of our children preforming we never really watch and by filming it, we normally miss the whole thing.  I put my phone down for this performance and just watched her. It was good advice.  I'm still glad that Kevin took a couple pictures though. (Babette watched it too, I think she was just trying to get a picture here, she didn't look at her phone the whole time).
 I don't know why she looked so big on Sunday.  They all wore red to church on Sunday, and you know how I feel about red in December.

 I missed my chance to get a picture of them all together.  I feel like in December on Sundays for church everyone should wear red.  I have stuck closely to this rule ever since Libby's first Christmas when I put her in red almost everyday.
 Poor little Mags didn't feel well on Sunday, she's perked up now.  One day she'll have her moment on stage.  I think she'll surprise me with her energy.  All this time I thought she was shy.   She'll show me.
Until next year's Christmas show.
Grace and Peace

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