Monday, December 15, 2014

I Almost Forgot

 Remember when post after post was just about this girl.  This amazing, spirited, imaginative girl.  She'll never know exactly how I feel about her.  The truth is she challenges my patience to its limits every. single. day.  She makes me pull every creative parenting tool out of my bag and sometimes creative parenting gives way to grouchy ungrateful parenting.  She never stops talking. Ever!  She asks question before I even know that there is a question to ask, and leaves me utterly exhausted after a simple conversation because I just can't seem to give her the answer she wants to hear.
But,this girl, my lovely Little, she pulls at my heart strings in her own special way.  I miss her then, when she was my only baby and I miss her now, everyday off at school. 
Just a quick story or two of her magic ways.  
Last week her listening ability was at a zero, and I was basically fed up and not talking very nicely to her.  I had asked her to clean her room, and when I tucked them in that night, I found that she had decorated the Christmas tree in her room all on her own.  Not only were there the ornaments she confiscated from our family tree (with out permission mind you), but there was personal artwork created by her, several toys placed gently on the branches, a whole host of toys sat around the base of it, and a purple sparkly crown was her angel on top.  I love that about her. She knew I was furious at her for all sorts of things, but she still stopped to put a purple crown on top of her tree.  That's just like her.
During the same rough week, one of her favorite toys got a tear.  To say that she was distraught is an understatement.  She had to take it to the store immediately to have it fixed.  I calmly told her that going to the store was not possible right then, but we would put it where ever she thought it would be most safe.  She took to my bedside table and said "I want her right next to you Mom."  Broke my heart in the most wonderful way because despite my failures she chose me to protect her precious toy.
Last thing, we took the family to see a fantastic display of lights this weekend.  While Daddy, and sister, and brother slept through it!!!! She "ooooed" and "ahhhed" at every twinkle.  At one point she said "it looks like we are driving into heaven" and at the very end she said "this is the greatest day of my life."
I love the passion that she lives every day of her life.
Precious girl.
Grace and Peace


Sandra said...

I would love to see the Christmas tree decorated with a purple crown - she has such clever ideas.
She really is a unique little girl - although looking at some of these pictures she seems to be getting taller!

Laura said...

Such a sweetie.

Art Teacher's Mom said...

I agree that she can talk non-stop especially if you are trying to convince her it's time to go to sleep. I, too, love her spirit and her expressions. Thanks for posting the photos. As always they are beautiful and I especially love the black & white hood.