Tuesday, September 2, 2014

These Days Are Fleeting

A woman waiting on me at a store the other day looked down at my children and told me she thought I had a beautiful family.
 I smiled and thanked her.  She followed that statement with "it goes so fast.  I have five and my baby is starting his senior year."
 Our eyes locked for just a moment, and I think I saw a tear in her eyes and maybe she saw a tear in mine.
 It does go fast I told her.
No one ever tells you how fast it will go before you have children, or maybe I just never listened.
Now I hear it when I look at them in morning sure that they have grown in their sleep, I hear it when I lay them down, I hear it when I hold them, I hear it when their laughing, I hear it everywhere.
Childhood is so precious fast.  I  hope that they are loving every minute of it.

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