Friday, July 11, 2014

This Time Last Year

 At this time last year this little boy was a tiny baby in my mind that I was dreaming of each night.  He laid inside my big belly just so.  I could feel exactly where his little leg was.  I had an ultra sound photo of his leg.  Footballer for sure we thought.  Sometimes I squeeze his leg now so I can remember what it felt like then.  It is much chubbier now.
 At this time last year I didn't know just how sweet he would be.  "He's a good natured baby isn't he?"  That is what people tell me.  Why, yes he is.  He is very good.  He rolls with life, but give him room to play and he will. I think he might be "the bull in a china shop" type.  He is so fast. Sometimes I blame my little girls for messes that are made only to learn that they were created by him.
 At this time last year, I knew that this year would fly by.  I knew that I would wake up this summer and wonder how it could have been a year ago that I carried him.  A year ago I waited for him.  A year ago I couldn't believe that I was going to have a son.  Sometimes I still can't believe that I have a little boy.  He is so big now.  He is fast.  Really fast.  He can climb stairs.  Fast.  He has six teeth.  He bites.  He eats a lot.  He eats just about anything we put in front of him with passion.
He is handsome.  His eyes are sparkly blue just like his Dad's and his sisters.  He looks just like Kevin.  He loves to be with his family.  He giggles and squeals when the girls are wild.  He lays his head on Kevin's chest when he comes home from work.  He is happy when it's just me and him. I'm still his favorite, but I know that will change soon...Daddy is getting cooler by the day.  He says "mama" when he needs me.  He makes a perfect car noise.  He learned that all on his own.
He is just a few days shy of ten months old.
Loving him is an easy thing to do.  We are blessed by his little life.

Grace and Peace


Sandra said...

I can't believe how lucky I am to have him as a Grandson - just wish I could see more of him (and his sisters of course)

Art Teacher's Mom said...

Ditto on Sandra's comment. :) He is one very handsome little guy. I'm looking forward to the next visit.