Friday, July 11, 2014

S'mores Taste Better When You Make Them With Friends

 A couple of months ago we learned that our good friends the Masons were leaving old Virginia to take a job in Kentucky.  Because we live Virginia Beach now, and they were in Richmond, my children didn't actually realize they were gone.
 We were excited that they decided to come this way for their family vacation and let us be part of it.  The Masons are easy company.  They're the kind of folks that you know are still going to be your friend even if your darling daughter tattles on their son ever 5 seconds.  I can hear her now "Beth, Robbie is making a funny face at the camera."
 Kevin checked the tides and assured everyone that this was a perfect spot to dig our hole for our fire pit.
 Fires and preschoolers scare me.  Thankfully, I was trapped inside the house with Cooper, who refused to go to sleep  was gently being rocked to sleep.
 This is Rodanthe, NC.  I think that there is something special about this place.  It is peaceful and unpredictable all at the same time.
We only stayed a couple of days, but in the end I wished that we had stayed longer.  Holidays are nice, I don't know why we don't take them more often.
 There I am up on the deck with Cooper, who still wasn't sleeping.  I really wanted a roasted marshmallow so bad.
 Here are some shots of everyone else enjoying their s'mores.  Don't they look tasty?

I made it down just in time for the tide to roll in and put out our fire.
Enjoy our vacation pictures.
Grace and Peace

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Sandra said...

Isn't it a shame that life can't be one long holiday!